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The Science Behind Your Hangover


The worst thing about how wonderful wine is is that it is sometimes a little TOO wonderful and we end up drinking more than we thought. We fight the resulting hangovers with our own rituals (For Eric that's Gatorade and for me that's 2 ibuprofen, some light carbs, and water. I'm sure Todd has his own routine from trial and error).

Have you ever wondered if there is truth behind the adage “Beer before liquor, never been sicker”? Do people really get drunk faster when drinking champagne?

We came across the following infographic from Clarity Way and Kayla Matthews. Here are some interesting facts from it:

  • Dark liquors make your hangover worse (red wine, bourbon, spiced rum versus white wine, vodka, gin).
  • Your body absorbs the alcohol in champagne faster because of the high levels of carbon dioxide.
  • Consuming liquor after beer gives your body less time to process all of the alcohol which DOES make you sick.
  • Your hangover headache is caused by dehydration and low blood sugar (no wonder my water and carbs help!).

Take a look at the full infographic and share your hangover remedies in the comments!

Science of Hangovers


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