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Arizona Wine Club Shipping Law Update


Arizona Wine Laws

Wine shipping laws across the United States are complicated and always changing. We were just alerted today to some wine shipment crackdowns in the State of Arizona. The Arizona wine shipment laws are already fairly restrictive and the Arizona Department of Liquor has recently started sending out notices of violations to wineries that ship to Arizona residents. It's getting harder to find wineries that can ship to Arizona residents either personally or as gifts.

How Can You Find Clubs that Ship Wine to Arizona?

One of the great things about ordering from the wine clubs that we review is that each club takes care of the state licensing and shipping compliance so you don't have to worry. The clubs report back to us which states they can ship to and we index them by shipping state. For example, you can see that we currently have reviews for 19 wine clubs that ship to Arizona. While we do update the lists regularly, you need to check with a club for sure before you make a purchase because they do change as the laws change.

How Do Our Wine Clubs Respond to the Arizona Laws?

We reached out to some of our favorite wine clubs to get their thoughts about this latest crackdown in Arizona. However, because they are not wineries but rather wine clubs, the laws are a little different and most of them did not want to comment. However, we did get one response that was definitely worth sharing to give you an idea of what these wineries are up against:

Regarding the shipping laws in general, Paul Kalemkiarian, owner of The Original Wine of the Month Club, said “In my opinion, all the laws affecting the shipment of alcohol interstate are archaic. Certainly the state has the right to control the import of alcohol into the state, but to build laws around restricting the constituency of access to wines they enjoy, seems like an overstep.” Having been in the wine club business since 1972, Paul certainly knows about navigating the state laws! Paul added “Sometimes political solutions to practical issues produce complicated results, like the federal tax code, many states liquor laws are bolted on to existing laws and become clunky and cumbersome.”

We know the wine clubs work hard to make sure that they are compliant with state laws, and we are happy to let them do the heavy lifting so that we can continue to enjoy their clubs all across the United States! Whether you are an Arizona resident or are sending a gift to an Arizona resident, just check out our Arizona shipping page and find the clubs that will work for you.


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