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WSJ Wine Club Review with Video

WSJ Wine Club Review

WSJ Wine Club Discovery Club

I've ordered monthly wine clubs before, but I was interested in trying a quarterly case club because they seem like such good deals. After checking out a few different wine clubs, I settled on the WSJwine from the Wall Street Journal Discovery Club. The club starts at $69.99 (plus shipping and handling charges) for your first delivery and boasts that you will save over $110 on your wine plus get free gifts worth $50. Sounds almost too good to be true. Is the WSJ Wine Club worth it?

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WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Wine Club

Original price was: $280.96.Current price is: $69.99. -75%
WSJ's case of wine club has been a consistent high quality, high value wine of the month club.   The introductory price is only $69.99 ...
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Ordering the WSJ Wine Club

I'll start my WSJ Wine Club Review with the ordering process. The club features a case of wine per quarter (12 bottles). You can choose from all white, all red, or mixed with 6 of each. I chose the mixed case so that I could try both the red and the white wines. The ordering process was quick and you could stipulate a residential or commercial delivery address. Keep in mind that it is easier to have the wine delivered to a place of employment because someone over 21 must be there to sign for it. However, the case is very heavy so you will have to get it home from there.

The shipping charge is not shown on the order form, but mine ended up being $19.99. Once you order, you will be sent an email confirmation. The confirmation said that I would receive my wine in a couple of weeks. Because I live in Indiana (and this is true for many states), the wine had to be sent to a local distributor for delivery to me. I was not given a tracking number, but I was called 24 hours before the delivery was made. It actually only ended up being about a week from the time I ordered until it was delivered.

The Wine Club Contents

I opened up my box (which was huge and heavy) and started pulling everything out. The wine was packaged very well in specially made packaging. The box also contained my tasting notes, a binder for the tasting notes, a nice little book about WSJ Wine and wine tips in general, and my extra gift of a free corkscrew set. As you can see in my video below, the corkscrew set is actually very nice and would make a good gift in and of itself. It is definitely worth around $30.

The cost per bottle is low compared to other clubs — only $5.84 per bottle before shipping. When I added my shipping charges, the total cost per bottle was still very low — only $7.50 for each bottle in the introductory case. The first wine that we tried in our case (the Saracosa Toscana 2009) retails for $13.99 online. I would say that it was worth the $7.50 but not worth $13.99. We've only tried 3 of the 12 bottles so far, but the others are along the same lines. If you multiply out the cost per bottle plus throw in the extras like the corkscrew set and the shipping costs, the Disovery Club becomes a good value. You can also cancel the club at any time or delay shipments.

As for the quality of the wines, the WSJ Wine Club is definitely a value club. The bottles are not the $20-30 a bottle wines that you will find in a lot of the other wine clubs that advertise themselves as perfect for gift giving. Rather, the WSJ Wine club is good for people who either want to start learning more about different types of wine or like to have a lot of different types of wine on hand. The included wine information is a great source of education for new and learning wine drinkers. You do not need any kind of coupon or promotion code to get the deal that I did, but you can always search for WSJ Wine Club Promo codes to see if there are any new deals.

Special Offer for Extra Bottles

Since we initially did our review of WSJ, they have added some additional offers. Right now instead of getting the “gift with purchase” (which changes regularly) you can get 15 bottles for the price of 12. That makes each bottle $4.67 before shipping. An even better deal!

Watch my WSJ Wine Club Review video below and be sure to check out our other top mixed wine club suggestions.

  1. Thanks for the detailed review! Any updates on if you enjoyed the other wines in the case or additional feedback?

  2. Hi Christi,

    To be honest, they were not my favorite wines that I have ever gotten from a wine club. I would say that I thought all of them were probably in the $7-9 a bottle quality range. Which is not bad for what I paid for them! They are good for pulling out with dinner. But I would NOT give them as gifts. I think I am down to only about 2-3 bottles left and they are the ones that were duplicates. I did end up cancelling my club because although the initial price was good for the case, I did not want to pay the second shipment price assuming they would be about the same quality. Instead I am trying out a Gold Medal club this month and still want to try the Cellars Sweet Club.


    • Hi Tricia,
      How did you cancel the WSJ wine club,I find no button for cancelling on their web-site.They sent the second shipment to me without careful notice,this made me angry.

      • Hi Tod,

        According to their site, you can call 1-877-975-9463 to speak with someone in customer service to cancel your WSJ Wine Club shipment.

    • Tricia,
      Thanks so much for the follow-up! I’ve been debating on if I should try the WSJ or Zagat club. After reading a few reviews – especially yours, I think I will stick to bargain hunting at my local Costco. I’ve found some lovely gems there and they cater to all price ranges with a good variety.

      Bookmarking this site as it’s been incredibly helpful and honest. Let me know if you guys are ever hiring for fellow wine enthusiasts or Guinea pigs! 🙂

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