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Wine Insiders Groupon Offer

Groupon is currently running an offer for 6 or 12 bottles of red, white, or mixed wine for $35 (for the 6 bottles) or $75 (for the 12 bottle option). The deal also comes with a waiter's key, which is my favorite corkscrew because it's just so darn simple. But, is this a good deal?

Wine Insiders on Groupon

We haven't got our hands on any wine from Wine Insiders, although we did write about available promo codes in the past.

If you choose the 6-bottle option, you'll pay an additional $17.95 for shipping, while you should expect to add $19.95 to ship 12 bottles to your home. As always, there are restrictions on which states Wine Insiders will ship to and there must be someone 21 or over to sign for the delivery.

Your Groupon purchase will direct you to a special page (preview 6-bottle page or 12-bottle page) where you can choose from curated wine packages such as “Customer Favorites” in either white, red or mixed or “Taste of California” white or red wines. Some packages, “Reserved Selections” red or mixed, are an additional fee ($10 for the 6-pack, $20 for 12).

In the end, you'll be paying less than $55 for 6 bottles or $95 for 12. Less than $8 for a bottle of wine isn't unheard of, but be cautious of what you'll be receiving. Despite some of the offerings being labeled, “customer favorites,” I cannot find a single wine or bundle reviewed by a customer.

The Groupon offer has a few reviews, however, and they are mixed. Nicole says that the wine was terrible, and that she's “had cheap $8 wine from walgreens that taste better than this.” Another buyer, Nancy, had to call Wine Insiders customer service to get the best value out of this deal. “The Groupon takes you to a page to select your wine, but only one or two of the “available” deals are actually available at this price–the others are more expensive. I called Wine Insiders customer service and they made sure I ordered what I wanted.”

So should you buy it?

If you're just looking to nab a case of cheap wine at a cheap cost, this may seem like a good offer. But I'd argue that you're better off signing up for the WSJ Wine Club where you can get 15 bottles for $70 (plus $20 shipping) and then canceling as soon as your first case has been shipped.

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