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This is really interesting.

IfOnly is a marketplace for extraordinary experiences with the world’s top talents. Members can learn how to make an incredible dish from a Michelin-starred chef, meet their favorite musician before a concert, or have their tennis swing analyzed by the same coach that took Andre Agassi to greatness.  It’s all possible via IfOnly.

Want a super unique gift?  They have a really unique holiday guide that highlights “10 Uncommon Gifts”.  For instance, this holiday they are featuring a Michelin–starred box of caramels for $100.  It’s a fantastic gift that can’t be found anywhere else!

A portion of the proceeds from every sale on IfOnly is directed to a non-profit of the luminary’s choosing. And because we seek to create the opportunity for connection at every level, prices on IfOnly range from a digital badge for $1 to a golf getaway with a master of the game for $200,000 and everything in between.

SPECIAL OFFER:  You get free upgraded shipping on any order through 12.19! (With IfOnly, It will get there on time!)

I bet you’re thinking, “Todd, why are you telling me about this IfOnly site?  You haven’t discussed wine!

Well, here’s your answer:  “Because they have a killer wine offering now, too!”

IfOnly Wine Deal

As they say on their site:
Can’t decide what to drink? Let Rajat Parr share a few of his favorites. Your wines will arrive in a beautiful tote bag complete with sommelier notes for each bottle. Share this collection of red, white and rosé wines with friends or create a multi-course meal to highlight Rajat’s selections.

As with all IfOnly deals, this product is unique, looks great, and benefits a charity.  (This charity is Meals on Wheels)

The summary of this deal is that you get a really nice selection of delicious wines, delivered with a fashionable tote bag.  This package was selected by star sommelier Rajat Parr.

IfOnly Rajat Parr 550w

You can choose 3 or 6 bottles of wine and it’s guaranteed to satisfy!  (You’ll love it.)

InOnly Wine Deal Purchase



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