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Wine Cork Valentines

Wine Cork Valentines

We're not very crafty people at The Wine Club Group, so we are lucky that we have friends who are. In particular, our friend Jen Goode can take just about any raw material and make it into something beautiful. In honor of Valentine's Day, we asked her what we could do with all of these leftover wine corks we have piling up in our kitchens. She came through with a fabulous idea that can be used by adults, kids, and even teachers. It's a great way to recycle wine corks into something you can use over and over.

Take it away, Jen!

Today I’m sharing a fun Valentine wine cork craft project with you today. Dig out that creative mojo and get ready to share a little love. Grab yourself a craft knife and carve a heart stamp out of one of those wine corks you’ve been saving. Once you have the stamp created, grab some paint or stamping ink and you can make your own wine cork stamped Valentine cards and gift tags.

Wine Cork Heart Stamp

Materials you’ll need:

  • Wine cork – real cork, not plastic or rubber
  • Craft knife – an exacto knife with new blade works well
  • Stamping ink or craft paint
  • Cardstock or paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Adhesive – craft glue or glue dots
  • Free Valentine Printable art by Jen Goode and a printer
  • Hole punch and ribbon or twine (optional)

 How to make a wine cork stamp:

 1. Using a craft knife, very carefully cut away at one end of the wine cork to make a flat heart shape. I cut using a similar technique to peeling an apple. First, cutting a notch at the top, then a point at the bottom. Then come along the side and blend in the shape to curve the sides of the heart.

Wine Cork Carved Heart Stamp

Wine Cork Stamp Gift Tag

How to make wine cork stamped Valentines:

  1. Using your new wine cork heart stamp and ink (or paint), apply the heart shape to a piece of cardstock. You might need to gently roll and push the stamp to ensure the ink makes contact with the paper as the end of a wine cork is not 100% smooth and flat.
  2. Cut the cardstock down to the size you’d like. I find cutting after stamping allows me to more easily center the stamped design.
  3. Add your own sentiment using a pen.
  4. Embellish with extra decor. In this example I used my own Valentine art printable. I printed the art on standard printer paper and then cut out strips of the decorate Valentine art. Adhere with craft glue or dots. Layer the papers and stamped art with more paper or cardstock for a finished card look.

 Tip: I used brown paper lunch sacks with red and white cardstock to make these valentines.

Wine Cork Stamp Mini Valentines

To make a gift tag, punch a hole in the corner of a mini wine cork stamped card. Tie a ribbon through the hole.

Wine Cork Stamp Gift Tag

Thanks for the great craft idea, Jen. I think I need to make a whole set of these stamps. Guess I had better get busy saving more corks!


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