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Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Are Wine Clubs Worth ItDid you know that you can Ask the Wine Club Group anything about wine clubs and we will help you find the answer? One of the questions we are asked most is whether wine clubs are “worth it.” We've personally reviewed so many different clubs that we do feel qualified to answer that question, but first we have some questions for you.

Are You Giving It as a Gift?

If you are wondering whether wine clubs make a good gift, you need only look to the recipient. If the recipient drinks wine at all, you can find a club that will be perfect. Because the clubs come in different price ranges, you can spend as little as $30 or as much as $1000 on a club. You don't even have to know if your recipients drink red or white because you can always send a box with one of each.

As for the quality and the presentation, wine clubs make a great gift because not only are you giving the wine but you are also usually sending some great “extras” along with it such as gift wrapping, free gifts, newsletters, and more. Depending on the club that you choose, your recipient will not only love the wine itself but will appreciate all of the extras.

For as little as $30 to send as a gift, a wine club is really worth it. The recipient will try a couple of new wines and you will look like you spent a fortune.

Are You Ordering For Yourself?

If you are ordering a wine club for yourself and want to know if it is worth it, a few considerations come into play.

  • How much do you normally spend on wine? If the answer is $10 or more a bottle, a wine club might be worth it for you. If it is always less than $10, a wine club would likely not be worthwhile (with the exception of trying out the WSJ Wine Club that is around $79 for 12-15  bottles).
  • Do you like to try new wines? You need to be a little adventurous, but that can even mean deciding red or white first and then leaving it up to chance from there. Most wines that come in wine clubs are NOT wines that you will find in your grocery store. It's likely you will not have heard of any of the wineries.
  • Do you like help pairing wines or learning about what you are drinking? Part of the price of a lot of clubs is due to those “extras” you receive like tasting notes, recipes, and vineyards histories. Those extras add to the overall value of the club.
  • Do you drink at least 2 bottles a month? Most clubs ship 2 bottles a month, but that can vary. If you drink less than that, you would want to specifically look for clubs that ship only every other month or quarterly (like The California Wine Club Pacific Northwest Club).
  • Do you live in a state that allows wine shipments? Some states make it hard to ship to and so you will be very limited in the clubs from which you can choose. Start by looking at which wine clubs ship to your state. If your state is very limited, you might be better off joining a local winery club.
  • Are you looking for good deals on wine? A regular monthly wine club subscription is not a place to get good “deals” on wine. Although the price per bottle is usually a little less than what you would pay if you order it on your own, don't expect huge discounts. However, as a member of a club, you do often get access to reorders at reduced prices as well as special pricing that may not be available to the public. If you are looking for deals on the clubs themselves, sign up for our newsletter because we do send them out weekly.

Obviously with such a wide range in prices between different wine clubs, the true “value” of each club to you depends on the price that you would normally pay for wine. The good thing about wine clubs is that there is generally a club that fits the price range of every wine drinker. The most popular clubs are around $40 a month and usually include 2 bottles.

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