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Cellars Red Trio Wine Club Review (3 Bottles of red wine per delivery!)

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If you love red wine, or if your gift recipient loves red wine, then you’re going to love this wine club from Cellars Wine Club.

You won’t be receiving any white wines with your deliveries of the Red Trio, because as the name implies, this wine of the month club only features red wines.  Not a lot of other wine clubs offer a 3 bottle club, so this one certainly stands out from the crowd.

Give this wine club a chance and you’ll be glad you did!  Cheers!

If you know me at all, you'd know that I'm a big fan of red wine (and I love doing red wine club reviews).

My preferences are rich, robust and spicy reds, like Veremonte, the Chilean Merlot I was introduced to at Station 885 (a local restaurant) or Copolla's Claret as I discovered at Caraba's (a nationwide restaurant chain).

I also love a really smooth red blend.  (My favorite for years has been Estancia Meritage – available at your local store, including CostCo.)

I could go on and on discussing my huge list of favorite red wines.  But today, I'm here to discuss one of my favorite Wine Clubs from Cellars Wine Club:  The Red Trio Wine Club.


In fact, I made a wine club review video where I show you exactly what you get when you order the Red Trio Wine Club.

In this “unboxing video”, I show you what you get with 2 shipments of this wine club, as I didn't open any of the wine for 2 months. (Yes, my self restraint was seriously tested when I decided to make a video with two month's shipments!  That meant I couldn't drink the wine until the video was done.  See what I do for you?) 

What is the Red Trio?

As its name implies, the Red Trio is all about red wine.  A vast majority of the wine clubs we've reviewed give you a choice of “All Red”, or “Both:  Red & White”.  (Only a few give you a choice of “only white wine“.)

But this one is only red wine!

And, the “Trio” part of the name informs us that you receive THREE bottles of wine in this wine club.  Most “normal” wine clubs deliver two bottles with each shipment.  But, I prefer more!

And the price?  Perfect for great wine.  At $64 (shipping is included), the price per bottle works out to just over $21 each.  ($64/3=$21.33)

Thus, began my love affair with the Red Trio Wine Club.

All Red Wine?  Check.
Three bottles instead of two?  Check.
Perfect price for great wine?  Check

Sure, you can get wine cheaper by buying in bulk, like the  Case Club (12 bottles for as low as $129) but I don't mind spending a little more to have high end “any day wine”.

The top end of  “Any Day Red Wine”.

Again, I love red wine.  I love good red wine.

There are a number of random days throughout the month where I find a friend stopping by when we crack open a bottle of wine with dinner or just to have a glass of wine together.

But I don't want to spend $30 a bottle (which I consider to be “event wine” prices) on just “any day”. 

I want to know that if I open my wine cellar on any given day, I'll be able to grab a bottle of delicious wine, and know that I'm not going to break the bank.

My normal price range for “any day wine” is $10 – $20 a bottle.  The price of the Red Trio Club puts this just over the upper end of this range.

The Red Trio is from Cellars Wine Club.

Eric, Tricia and I are all big fans of Cellars Wine Club.  This company offers 13 different wine clubs that can satisfy any wine lover's preferences.

All wine clubs from Cellars (including The Red Trio) have:

  1. Great wine.
  2. Great value.
  3. Wine Tasting Notes.
  4. Simple, Safe, “Green” packaging. (cardboard, not styrofoam)
  5. No frills, no fluff – just great wine.

Shipping is included.
Many wine clubs charge extra for shipping, so you have to do some calculations before you're able to determine the full cost of the delivery, and the resulting price per bottle.

But, with Cellars Wine Club , all of their wine clubs include shipping, so you know exactly what you're spending.  (Note:  The case club is the only exception to this rule.)

The focus is on great wine

I love the simplicity of Cellars Wine Clubs deliveries.  They really focus on the quality of the wine.

And the Red Trio is one of my top favorite wine clubs from Cellars, or any wine club vendor.

If you love Red Wine, or know a red wine lover who'd be very grateful to receive three bottles of delicious red wine as a gift — then I highly recommend the Red Trio Wine Club, from Cellars Wine Club.

Specification: Cellars Red Trio Wine Club Review (3 Bottles of red wine per delivery!)

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