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Wine Club Reviewer: Eric Nagel

Tricia kicked off our spotlight series on the owners of this site, and today it’s my turn!

My Wine Education

Eric NagelI started drinking wine in my late 20’s, maybe even 30. I don’t remember where it started, but I do remember going to my in-laws for Sunday dinner and I was the one responsible for bringing the wine. So I’d call ahead, ask what they were serving, then head to my local liquor store and be completely overwhelmed. I took my basic knowledge (red meat = red wine, white meat = white wine, pasta = Chianti) and learned by experimenting.

My buddy Josh is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) and soon opening a bottle with him turned into a history, geography, economics, and chemistry lesson. I just wanted to try a new wine. But he taught me a lot about what goes into a wine, how the politics of an area affect the wineries, how soil conditions affect the vines, and how food reacts to the chemical composition of wine and changes flavor. I’m the technical geek of the group, so this is how I learned about wine.

I try to record what I drink and my thoughts on the wine, including where I was and who I was with when we enjoyed the wine. While I rarely go back to a specific wine, it helps when going into a similar situation.

Wine Clubs I Join Myself

I regularly receive the Pinot Noir Wine Club from Gold Medal Wine Clubs, although I also receive one-offs of various clubs. I’m a fan of Pinot Noir and it’s my go-to wine, but I’m a bigger fan of choosing the right wine for the right occasion. For instance, last night’s dinner was a crock-pot chicken dish served over rice with a side of peas, and I grabbed a Sauvignon Blanc from Windsor Vineyards which paired nicely.

If I had to pick a favorite club that I’ve received, it’d be a toss-up between the Cellars Half Case Wine Club and Naked Wines (because they're so unique!).

Other Things I Drink

Well, if you ever meet me in person and I’m not drinking wine, I probably have a cup of coffee in my hand. In fact, I drink about a pot a day! Starbucks or Dunkin’? No thanks – I’m a Tim Hortons fanatic!

I also enjoy Scotch, and have found the differences from one batch to another can be as different as a Riesling is to an Argentine Malbec. There’s always a bottle of The Glenlivet open in my house, along with a couple other choices (the peat-ier, the better!)

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