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Looking For a White Zinfandel Wine Club?

Glass of Wine Zinfandel from Wine ClubAs a part of our recent wine club giveaway, we asked people to comment on their favorite types of wine. Although we got many expected responses such as Merlot, Cabernet, and Chardonnay, we also had a number of people who responded that their favorite wine is White Zinfandel.

We were surprised at the number of White Zinfandel responses because none of us at the Wine Club Group drink it. In fact, I often give my good friend, Carol, a hard time about the fact that it is her favorite. I'm not exactly a wine snob (just ask Todd what he thinks about my love of Riesling), but White Zinfandel would never be my choice. And yet it is one of the most popular wines in the United States. It got me wondering what type of wine club you should buy for someone who enjoys white zinfandel best.

White Zinfandel (sometimes called White Zin) is a pink-colored blush wine. It can sometimes be off-dry but is usually sweet. It is also generally inexpensive and has a low alcohol content.

Although I could not find any wine clubs that are specifically made up of White Zinfandel (which is not unusual because most wine clubs send a variety of wines), I did find some club choice that I think many White Zinfandel drinkers would enjoy. First and most obviously are the brand new Rose of the Month Clubs. There are not many of these, but I expect we will see more in the next year as the popularity of rose increases. I've reviewed the newest Rose of the Month Clubs recently and found them to be pretty terrific options.

Secondly, I would suggest a Sweet Wine of the Month Club. Again there are not as many of these around, but I did also review Sweet Wine of the Month Clubs and found there to be a couple of solid choices from reputable wine clubs. You'd be moving away from the “pink” wines but sticking with some lower alcohol content sweeter wines that you might find you like even better than White Zinfandel.

I'm not going to say I won't continue to tease my friend about her choice of White Zin as a favorite wine, but after doing some research I do understand the wine's popularity. Hopefully those who enjoy White Zinfandel will be willing to branch out a little bit and try some other sweet wines.

Are you a fan of White Zinfandel? Would you be interested in a White Zinfandel wine club?

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