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Sweet Wine of the Month Clubs

Sweet Wine of the Month ClubsAlthough most of our visitors seem to be looking for red wine club reviews, my personal favorite wines (and those of my girlfriends) are sweet white wines. You do not see a lot of clubs devoted to them, so I decided to take a closer look at which clubs would be ideal for us sweet wine drinkers. I compared across all of the wine clubs I've personally tried and came up with my favorite sweet wine club options.

What Are Sweet Wines?

Unfortunately, most varietals do not automatically signify that they are sweet (except White Zinfandel, which is a whole other blog post). However, there are quite a few white wines that sweet wine drinkers will generally like. You might be looking for a:

  • Riesling of the Month Club
  • Pinot Grigio of the Month Club
  • Viognier of the Month Club
  • Gerwurztraminer of the Month Club
  • Moscato of the Month Club

Although there are other varietals as well that could be considered sweet (along with some reds as well), those are the ones that you would probably be most likely to recognize. If you enjoy sweet wine and think that you only like white or blush, do not fear the sweet red wines! You may actually find some that you like more than sweet whites.

Where Can I Get Sweet Wine Clubs?

Your first thought might be to order a Chardonnay of the month club. That's not a bad choice, but understand that not all Chardonnay are going to be sweet (especially if they are dry or oaky). A wine club where you can choose all white wines like the WSJ Wine Club would be the same. You will get some sweet, but they will not all be sweet.

But did you know there is a club where you can get ALL sweet wines?

Vinesse is the only merchant I have found that specializes in sweet wines completely. Their Sweet Wine Club features mainly white wines with an occasional sweet red or sparkling wine (champagne). One of their recent reds actually had hints of chocolate. Other previous wines in the club included a Riesling and a Moscato d'Asti. Of the 4 bottles that I received from them, 2 were Riesling and 2 were Moscato.

The Vinesse Sweet & Light Club is available as either 6 or 12 bottles in a shipment, and the bottles run $15-17 each. That would be about $90-$100 plus shipping and tax for one shipment. You can choose to have them shipped once or twice, and they ship to just about every state in the country.

Visit Vinesse Light & Sweet Wine Club to Learn More

Another great option if you are looking for sweeter wines and want to choose your own would be the Winc Wine Club. Winc takes you through a flavor profile quiz and then recommends wines to you each month, but you can also customize your orders. Like any other good wine club, the site will tell you how to serve the wine and what to pair it with. I tend to customize my Winc orders with a lot of sweet wines because they are one of the few who have them.

Shipments start at $39 for 3 bottles, plus shipping. However, if you use this special link, you will save $20 on your first purchase. That gives you 4 bottles for only $32, or $8 a bottle!

One of the best things about ordering a wine club as opposed to just buying bottles of sweet wine as a gift (or even for yourself) is that with a club you have experts choosing a variety of wines for you. You might be surprised at how many sweet wines are available!

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