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Wine Clubs That Ship To South Carolina

Other than a glass of cold sweet tea on a hot South Carolina day, there's nothing more refreshing and delicious than a glass of cold Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or a buttery Chardonnay.  And, of course, when the evening cools things down, a nice bold Cabernet or mellow Pinot Noir are the perfect way to end a day!  And shipping wine to South Carolina?  It's not too tricky, but there are limitations.

Wineries are permitted to ship to South Carolina residents, provided that shipments do not exceed two cases per month. Retailer shipping is prohibited.

Out of all the wine clubs that can ship to South Carolina, these are our favorites:

As the hot and humid summer climate makes winemaking particularly challenging, the South Carolina wine industry is a labor of love and a little bit of a gamble. Although colonists planted grape vines throughout the region beginning in the 1700s, winemaking has remained a relatively small industry in the state. The grapevines must withstand scorching heat, and the amount of rainfall varies dramatically from year to year, making for an unpredictable harvest season. Even after grapes are off the vines, the threat of a late-season hurricane can be a cause of anxiety among vineyard owners. To counter these obstacles, grapes are often harvested early in the summer before they lose their desired acidity. Viticulturists are still looking for just the right variety of vine that will flourish in this state’s temperamental climate. Given these significant difficulties, it is not surprising that South Carolina currently has less than ten wineries operating throughout the state, making wines made from vinifera, hybrid, and native Muscadine grape varieties.

Interested in checking out a local winery when you're in South Carolina?  We've got ya hooked up with a great list here.

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