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Wine Clubs That Ship To North Dakota

Located in the Midwestern heart land, North Dakota is an agricultural heavyweight, but few people are aware that vineyards are nestled in between the fields of soy and corn. Though wine production is a relatively new industry in the state, many experts recognize it is a region characterized by small producers a quest for quality and growth.

North Dakota allows direct winery shipping as well as shipping of wine orders from any US retailer located anywhere in the nation, so consider these wine clubs that ship to ND:

Relatively speaking, the North Dakota wine industry is remarkably young, dating back to the state's first officially licensed commercial winery that was registered in 2002. With little more than a decade of development, this fledgling wine industry has still managed to produce quality and attract national addition, though many of the state's wineries ferment fruits other than grapes.

While the state does not have any officially recognized AVAs, it does have a modest wine industry that is home to some quality small producers and mid-western beverage pioneers. Given the state's varied climate and harsh winter season, grape varieties are not easily cultivated, even in these fertile soils.

In fact, North Dakota is home to over 25 small-scale wine producers as well a handful of microbreweries. Not all of these wine producers are open to tourism, though more and more are beginning to welcome in wine lovers as the region's collective identity begins to take shape. The Fargo area in particular is expected to become somewhat of a winery hotspot in the years to come.

The North Dakota Beer and Wine Trails are designed to ferry tourists and travelers throughout the state's best beverage offerings. Travelers will also find that many of North Dakota's wineries and breweries are mixing up the traditional recipes, by incorporating a variety of agricultural products including wheat, honey, fruit, and even dandelions, into their beverages.

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