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Wine Clubs That Ship To New Jersey

Need to send a wine club to New Jersey? You're in luck: most of our top clubs will ship to New Jersey, although The Garden State does have some limitations on shipping wine. For example, if a winery produces less than 250,000 gallons of wine each year, a NJ resident can only have 12 cases shipped to his or her home per year. For companies wishing to ship to New Jersey, they need to secure a special license and charge sales tax. Here are our top 3 picks for wine clubs that ship to New Jersey:

New Jersey also has their own wine regions, divided up as North, Central and South. Formally, there are three AVAs in NJ: Warren Hills, Central Delaware, and Outer Coastal Plain which include 48 wineries. These wineries sit on over 1,000 acres of grapes, which is growing each year, and output 1.72 million gallons of wine (that's about 716,000 cases). With output like this, New Jersey is ranked #7 in the United States for wine production, generating $30 – $40 million in annual revenue.

However, not all New Jersey wines come from grapes: cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and apple wines make up a measurable amount of NJ's wine output. The traditional wines are created by using more than 90 different varieties of grape. The most popular wines you'll find coming out of New Jersey are Chardonnay and Vidal blanc.

There are six primary New Jersey Wine Trails, each covering three or more wineries.

Interestingly, NJ considers hard cider to be a type of wine, because it is made from fermented apples. Ciders with more than 7.0% alcohol are taxed at the same rate as wines: 87.5¢ per gallon.

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