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Wine Clubs That Ship To Virginia

VirginiaLooking to ship wine to the state of Virginia? Whether you are looking to ship to cities in Northern Virginia (like Shenandoah or Fair fax), cities in Southern Virginia (like Virginia Beach or Halifax) or to the capital city of Richmond, there are some great wine club choices for the “Old Dominion State.” Below you will find a list of those clubs along with our reviews and ratings for each.

The State of Virginia permits direct shipping from wineries to consumers with a limit of 2 case per month for each customer.

Virginia is known for being oldest of the 13 original colonies, as well as being home to historic landmarks such as the Jamestown Settlement and Colonial Williamsburg. It is also the 5th highest state in number of wineries with a long wine history dating back to it’s meager beginnings in 1619. This historic state offers more than 250 wineries and over a dozen wine trails to explore. Below we have listed of few of the wineries, tasting rooms and vineyards this beautiful state has to offer.

* The Winery at Kindred Point
* Cave Ridge Vineyard and Winery
* Shenandoah Vineyards
* Creek’s Edge Vineyards
* Arterra Winery
* Willowcroft Farm Vineyard
* The Williamsburg WInery