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Looking for a Riesling of the Month Club?

Sweet Wine Clubs

Riesling is one of the wines that is growing in popularity in the United States and for good reasons. It isn't as sweet as White Zinfandel but usually has a a lower alcohol content than red wines. It pairs well with many foods from appetizers to turkey dinners. I've written about Riesling in the past (Why Everyone Should Give Riesling a Chance) if you are new to the varietal and want to learn more. For those of us who are already fans, why is it that finding a wine club that sends only Riesling is impossible?

Although you won't find a club that is only Riesling, there are a few clubs that would be GREAT options for you.

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Vinesse Sweet Wine Club

The second wine club that might appeal to Riesling fans is the Vinesse Sweet & Light Wine Club. Although not every Riesling is sweet, many people who consider themselves exclusively Riesling fans are actually fans of sweeter wines. I've tried the Vinesse Sweet & Light Wine Club a couple of times and half of my selections have been Riesling. The other wines I received were primarily Moscato.

The Vinesse club is a little bigger than the Plonk Club in that you have to order 6 bottles at a time and either 2 or 4 shipments a year. This makes it less of an option to give as a gift but a great option if you are a sweet wine drinker yourself and looking for a club that will expose you to a lot of new wines.

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Winc (formerly Club W)

Winc is unlike other clubs in that you get to take a palate profile quiz that helps you determine the kind of wine that you like best. Once they figure that out, you can choose from the wines that they have that month. They often have a number of sweet wines including Rieslings and other lesser-known varietals that are similar to Riesling.

Plus, for your first order you can take $20 off of 4. Most bottles are around $13 so that means you will end up getting 4 bottles for only $32, or roughly $8 a piece. You can buy the club for yourself or give a gift certificate as a gift. It's a nice way to be able to choose which wines you will receive each month if you are pretty focused in exactly what you like.

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Plonk Wine Club

Riesling of the Month Club

The good news is that there are a couple of clubs that should make fans of Riesling happy. First, Plonk Wine Club has a White Wine Club that features 2-4 different white wines each shipment.  Each wine is chosen by the owner, Etty Lewenstain, for those who are willing to try new wines. The wine shipment comes with tasting notes that explain the background of the wine as well as which foods it will pair well with and a recipe.

A few things that I love about this club:

  • Wines come from all over the world
  • No minimum number of months to buy
  • Focus is on high quality wines at reasonable prices

When I started drinking wine in my 20s, I started with White Zinfandel. After I visited a winery and tried new wines, I realized that I liked Riesling as well. As I visited more wineries and tried new wines through my 30s, I gained an appreciation for everything from oaky Chardonnay to a heavy Malbec blend to a fun Razzy Apple.

And yet I find myself going back to Riesling for everyday meals as well as entertaining because it just seems to please so many people and pair so well with different foods. The Plonk Wine Club is a perfect way to continue a love of Riesling while also straying just a little bit to see what else you might like.

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