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Laithwaites Wine Club Review

Laithwaites Wine Club, winner of the Wine Merchant of the Year International Wine Challenge in 2010 and 2011, makes it easy to get started in a wine club by the case.

The Laithwaite's Wine Club is a very popular club, backed by a popular name.

4 Seasons Wine Club from Laithwaites Wine is a case club – that means your shipment contains 12 bottles of wine – either all red, all white, or mixed. The starting price is $69.99, which means you're paying an incredible $5.84 for each bottle of wine.

In the case of red wines, you'll receive eight different wines (you'll get 2 bottles of some wines) including California Cabernet and Pinot Noir, an Argentinean Malbec, and one of France's finest Bordeaux's.

The white wine case includes a Riesling from Washington State, a Spanish lime & peach Aperitif, along with other whites from New Zealand, France, Italy and Napa Valley.

Finally, the mixed case gives you 4 different reds and 4 different whites, some doubled up, for a total of 12 bottles. This introductory case is great for getting started, or makes a great gift.

Like most wine clubs, tasting notes come with your order. Your first shipment also comes with a binder, to keep your tasting notes in order. In addition, they throw in a free gift: currently a deluxe lever-action corkscrew.

Delivery is every 3 months, and future shipments are billed at $139.99 ($11.67 / bottle). You can cancel anytime (yes, even after your first order!) and even skip a shipment or switch your wine preference. There are also two additional shipments you can take advantage of: one around the holidays, and one over the summer.

A nice service offered by Laithwaites is that if you like a wine in your wine club, you can order more of it direct from Laithwaites.

However, unlike some clubs, shipping is not included – be prepared to spend an extra $19.99 with each shipment.

Visit laithwaiteswine.com & read the full review, including a list of the wine I received in my shipment, and my experience with their customer service team.

The Laithwaite's Wine Club is a very popular club, backed by a popular name.

7.9 Total Score

4 Seasons Wine Club from Laithwaites Wine delivers a case of award-winning wines to you every three months.

  • Low introductory price ($69.99)
  • Choose reds, whites, or mixed
  • Reorder specified wines that you like
  • Cancel anytime - no commitment
  • Free gift with order
  • Extra $19.99 for shipping
  • Only option is a quarterly case club
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    Maria July 30, 2018 at 5:41 am

    I joined the TCM wine club sponsored by Laithwaite’s wines. The first shipment was fine. The 3 month shipment next was originally scheduled for 7/15. It never arrived and no one notified me, but when I called they said it’s shipping 7/26. I check the online order status and it still has not shipped. I think I’m finding a different wine club if it doesn’t ship this week. The customer service people are useless. They simply say I’ll be notified when it ships but cannot guarantee any dat of shipment. Very frustrating.

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