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Platinum Wine Club by Cellars Wine Club Review (with video)

What is the best “premium wine of the month club”?

There are two common elements to this very common question.

  1. That is a question I hear a lot.
  2. The word “premium” is used often (sometimes loosely) when describing wine.

In this review and video of the “Platinum Club” from Cellars Wine Club, we'll be using the term “premium” a lot, and for good reason.

When you ask “What is the best premium wine club?”, you want high-quality “genuinely premium” wine.

You want to be certain that you're actually getting amazing wine.  (Just because a club is named “premium” doesn't mean it delivers “premium” wine.)

You'll find that there are a lot of wine clubs that are called “Premium Wine Clubs”. Luckily, some of them actually deliver very good wine!

However, if you're looking for the true best of the best, when it comes to “Premium”, then look no further than the Platinum Club from Cellars Wine Club.

With the Platinum Club, the word “Premium” isn't quite strong enough to describe the “Premium” status of the wine you get!

(Read our full review of the Platinum Wine Club and get coupons here.)


The Platinum Club is the ultimate in “premium” wine clubs.

It's not cheap.

…but it's not excessively expensive.

The platinum club delivers 2 bottles of super-premium, high-end wine for $60, $65.  (Cellars just announced raising its prices by $5 per shipment.)

Therefore, the per-bottle cost breaks down to about $32.50 each.  (Since shipping is included, that's the total price per bottle.)

In this wine of the month club, you can choose your deliveries to include 2 bottles of Red Wine only, or 1 bottle of Red Wine and 1 bottle of White Wine.

Less expensive options are available.

If $65 per delivery is beyond your price range, then the Platinum Club may not be a fit for your budget.

You can find really great wine that come at a lower cost per delivery and a lower cost per bottle.  We've reviewed a number of clubs that cost less and deliver great value.  (But if your budget can accommodate $65 a delivery, then you should definitely consider the Platinum Club!)

A great lower-priced alternative I'd recommend is the Premium Wine Club from Cellars Wine Club, which is $35 per delivery (shipping included).


[message type=”info”]Quick Tip:  If you're on a budget and sending a gift — and  you really want to impress the heck out of someone, then you need consider the Gold Series from Gold Medal Wine Club.  We have a full review of the gold series.[/message]


If you want to really impress a wine lover with super-high-end, ultra-premium wine, choose the Platinum Club.

At just over $30 a bottle, you know you're getting really great wine.  Want to see what you get?

Look below:  I made another wine club review video where I show you exactly what you get when you order the Platinum Wine Club.

In fact, in this “unboxing video”, I show you what you get with 2 shipments of this wine club, as I didn't open any of the wine for 2 months. (Yet again, my self restraint was seriously tested when I decided to make a video with two month's shipments!  That meant I couldn't drink the wine until the video was done.  See what I do for you?) 

The Platinum Club is from Cellars Wine Club.

Eric, Tricia and I are all big fans of Cellars Wine Club.  This company offers 13 different wine clubs that can satisfy any wine lover's preferences.

All wine clubs from Cellars (including The Platinum Club) have:

  1. Great wine.
  2. Great value.
  3. Wine Tasting Notes.
  4. Simple, Safe, “Green” packaging. (cardboard, not styrofoam)
  5. No frills, no fluff – just great wine.

Shipping is included.
Many wine clubs charge extra for shipping, so you have to do some calculations before you're able to determine the full cost of the delivery, and the resulting price per bottle.

But, with Cellars Wine Club , all of their wine clubs include shipping, so you know exactly what you're spending.  (Note:  The case club is the only exception to this rule.)

The focus is on great wine

I love the simplicity of Cellars Wine Clubs deliveries.  They really focus on the quality of the wine.

And the Platinum Club is one of my top favorite wine clubs from Cellars, or any wine club vendor.

If you love great wine, or know a wine lover who wants super-high-end, ultra-premium wine as a gift — then I highly recommend the Platinum Club, from Cellars Wine Club.

So, when a club describes their wine as “premium”, you should ask yourself, “It may be premium — but is it platinum?”  😉

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Previously featured wines in the Platinum Club:

  • Dehlinger, California, 2009 Estate Chardonnay
  • Perrin, France, 2007 Chateauneuf du Pape Les Sinards
  • La Braccesca, Italy, 2006 Nobile di Montepulciano
  • The Colonial Estate, Australia, 2008 Explorateur Shiraz
  • Whitehaven, New Zealand, 2010 Marlborough Pinot Noir



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