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Pinot Noir Wine Club

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”]Pinot Noir Wine Club[/custom_frame_right]If you know you like Pinot Noir, and I mean really like it, maybe you'd be interested in a monthly wine club that only shipped Pinot Noirs.

Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club also has a Pinot Noir series shipping every-other-month. You can choose between 2 or 4 bottles (the shipment of 4 bottles includes 2 bottles of each wine) with monthly costs ranging from $69 to $178 per shipment, plus shipping. $13 for standard delivery ($17.50 for the 4-bottle option). That works out to $41 / bottle in the 2-bottle option, and $48.88 for the 4-bottle plan.

What's different about this club is you don't know the exact monthly cost when you order – prices range from $65 – $75 for 2 bottles, or $130 – $170 for 4. Normally wine clubs may take a smaller profit on one shipment, knowing they'll make it up on the next.

There's a special promotion running now that gives you a free Vinturi wine aerator with your order (use this Gold Medal Wine Club promo code).

Gourmet Food Clubs

Gourmet Food Clubs has a Pinot Noir club, which gives you one or two bottles each month. A 3-month subscription to the single bottle club will cost you $114.95 ($38.32 per bottle) while the 2-bottle shipment runs $209.95 for 3 months ($34.99 per bottle). Shipping is included in these prices.

Cellars Wine Club

Finally, if you enjoy Pinot Noir, but would like to try other red wines, the Red Trio Wine Club from Cellars Wine Club is an excellent option. You get 3 different red wines (including Pinot Noir) for $49.95, including shipping ($16.65 / bottle). At nearly half the price of the Pinot-only clubs, it may be worth trying.

Personally, I love Pinot Noir and can drink it all year long. It's the only wine that I don't grow tired of. Drink it alone, or with beef, duck / goose, salmon, or venison and other game.

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