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Perfect Partners Cheese and Wine Pairings

White Wine and Cheese PairingThe  more wine that I drink, the more interested I get in figuring out exactly what kinds of food to pair the wines with. One of the great things about joining a wine club is that the tasting notes will often tell you how to pair the wine. I know that wine goes well with cheese, but did you know that certain cheeses pair better with white wines and others with red wines?

Our cheese selection at Kroger is surprisingly nice. They have everything from basic cheeses that even my kids would like to smelly cheeses that I would never touch. While looking for cheese to pair with a chardonnay that I received from Cellars Wine Club, I came across the “Perfect Partners” boxes for red wine and white wine. Each box contains 3 different cheeses. The red wine partners are Havarti, NY Extra Sharp Cheddar, and Imported Swiss. The white wine partners are Fontina, Garlic & Herb Chevre, and Gouda.

Wine and Cheese Pairing

My husband and I bought the Perfect Partners for White Wine box as well as another sweet cheese, a big loaf of bread and some fruit. All of it together ended up being enough for us for “dinner” for two nights. You could easily use the box with crackers or bread and cheese as a full appetizer for a dinner party of 8-10 people.

Since we found the boxes at Kroger I have also been seeing them at other grocery stores. I have not been able to find them online to get more information, but I am betting that you can probably find them locally as well. I'm hoping to put together a comprehensive cheese pairing guide soon, but for now the Perfect Partners boxes are a good start.

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