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Cellars Half Case Wine Club Review with Video

Cellars Half Case Club

Eric talks about the Half Case Club from Cellars Wine Club

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Half Case Wine Club from Cellars Wine Club recently, and was pleasantly surprised at every bit of this club.

This is the first half case club I've seen. Normal wine club shipments include 1, 2 or 3 bottles – the exception being case clubs which, as the name implies, includes a case (12 bottles) per shipment. My first thought was this was a sales gimmick; but once I received the shipment, sampled the quality of the wines, and dug deeper, this may very well be one of the best wine clubs available today.

Ordering the Half Case Wine Club from Cellars Wine Club

Ordering the Half Case Club from Cellars Wine Club is fairly straight-forward.
Order Half Case Club

You can select 2-12 shipments, or have a standing order that's in place until you cancel it. Then, select your Shipping Frequency (Monthly, Every other month, or Quarterly) and the month you want your shipments to start. Finally, choose whether you want a mix of 2 reds and 1 white wine, or all red (you get 2 bottles of each, so 2 different reds and 1 white is really 4 bottles of red and 2 bottles of white).

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As you checkout, you enter your Billing information, then (optionally) a different shipping address. Different shipping addresses are useful for gifts or if you'd like your shipment delivered to an your office. All shipments require a signature from someone age 21 or older, and residential shipments are subject to a $4 surcharge.

Finally, enter your payment information, and your wine club will be on its way!

Half Case Wine Club Contents

I received the mixed Half Case Club, which included 4 bottles of red wine and 2 bottles of white:

In addition, Cellars included tasting notes which described the wine, the winery, the grapes, region and more. For example, from the Tamellini Soave:

When chilled way down this wine tastes of lemon and pear and finishes crisp. But as it warms a bit in the glass, the wine changes slightly as the dose of crisp lemon decreases and is replaced by melon and pineapple. So chill the wine to fit your style. While certainly this wine could be drunk all alone, it would pair up nicely with seafood, cheeses, fresh fruit, or pasta.

For more on the Cellars Wine Club Half Case club, watch my video:

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