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Perfect Last Minute Father’s Day Gift (If Your Dad Loves Wine)

It's Father's Day.

You're going to see your Dad in a few minutes.

…and you just realized that you haven't purchased a gift for him.

Oh no!  Whatever shall you do!?!

Don't panic, my friends.  I have the perfect last minute Father's Day Gift(Assuming, of course, that your dad loves wine.)

Here's what you do:

  1. Buy your Dad a few month's of wine delivered to his door.
  2. Immediately after purchase, simply print the gift card that tells Dad that you bought him the gift of wine.
  3. Go visit Dad, with printed gift card in hand.
  4. Relax.

It really is that simple.

You show up to your Dad's house with a simple printed gift card, and he'll never know that you just purchased the wine club deliveries moments ago.

How do you buy the wine club for your “Last Minute Father's Day Gift”?

Follow these simple steps, and your dad will be one happy dude.

Step 1:  Choose the Wine Club

You can select red wine only, white wine only, or both red wine and white wine – so your dad will get the exact wine that he likes delivered to his front door (or have the wine shipped to his office and make everyone jealous).

And, for example, if your dad prefers California wine, or International Wine, simply select the appropriate wine club, and he'll get the vino he'll love.

Let me make it super-easy for you and give you my top 3 Wine Club choices.

NOTE:  If you're a relative of mine, and you love me so much that you want to buy me wine, here are my favorites (you can't go wrong with these!):

Step 2:  Choose the number of deliveries, and wine club “level”.

This step helps you control your budget, by simply selecting the number of deliveries you send.

If you want to keep your budget around $100, you would select 3 Deliveries from the “basic” level of our recommended clubs above.

Kick up the budget way up and send a few deliveries of the Aged Cabernet Wine Club from the CAWine Club..

See how easy it is to control the budget?  Just adjust the number of shipments you want sent to your dad, and you're all set.

Step 3:  Use our coupon code to get a discount, and make the purchase.

We're always on the lookout for good deals, and this month we secured some exclusive coupons from Cellars Wine Club. (See our wine club coupons for father's day here.)

Step 4:  Print the gift card and take it to Dad.

That's it!  You're done.

Dad will get his wine soon

Depending on the club you selected, your wine could be delivered within a few days, or it be delivered sometime before the end of June.

I told you this is the perfect last minute father's day gift!

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