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Peltier Station USB from Martha Stewart Living Gift Guide

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Every year shoppers anxiously wait for the December issue of Martha Stewart Living so that they can snag a copy of the Gift Guide. This year featured in the Artisanal Gift Ideas section is the Peltier Station USB Zinfandel. Many people have never heard of this wine but would feel more familiar with it if it were called a “Port,” which is essentially what it is. I'll tell you the history behind it, but first you probably want to know where to get it!

Martha Stewart suggests The California Wine Club, and for good reason. The California Wine Club seeks out artisanal wineries to buy from, and the owners of the club personally taste every wine before they include it on their site. You can purchase monthly wine clubs (which make an amazing gift!) or wine by the bottle, although it is usually in short supply. For the Peltier Station USB you can either send one bottle as a gift or if you want to send a 12-month gift, the Peltier Station will be included the first month free.

We have done a number of reviews of The California Wine Club, and it is one of our favorite clubs for many reasons. If you are interested, you can read our full reviews, watch our unboxing videos, and check out the pictures of what you will receive in each of their different clubs.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]USB Port History[/custom_frame_left]Now onto a short history of the Peltier Station USB. The wine is actually a blended dessert wine that would be called a port if not for the fact that Portugal has banned the use of other regions using the word “port” on their label. (“Port” wine = short for Portugal) So Peltier Station decided to create a little play on words and went with a label that played off of a “computer USB port” that would get across the fact that “USB” and “port” were interchangeable. Pretty cool, huh?

I think that whole story about “USB” and “port” is enough to make it a fun gift for a geeky wine person like me. And Martha Stewart Living obviously approves of the taste! Learn more about the wine and how you can get your hands on it for yourself or as a gift from The California Wine Club.

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