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My Infatuation with Gold Medal Wine Club

We've been receiving a ton of wine from various wine clubs that we've been researching for our wine club reviews.

Yes, before we rate a wine club, we spend the time actually reviewing it.

[custom_frame_right shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_right] The review process requires us to make a ton of notes, take a bunch of pictures, talk with the wine club vendor, record various videos, and write the final review (among other posts, social media efforts and such).

Of course, all this in-person, physical research requires us to drink quite a bit of wine.  What a tough gig, eh?

Although this “work” really isn't difficult, we actually must “work”.  We have to be consistently reviewing wine and wine clubs on a regular basis, and spend time with all of these reviews.  You see, it wouldn't really help people if we simply reviewed a handful of wine clubs, got lazy and stopped.

(Confession time.  Please keep this between us.)  So, although this “work” means drinking delicious wine — you may be surprised, but sometimes, only sometimes, when my to-do list includes “do a full review of XYZ Wine Club”, I occasionally sigh — knowing that there's a lot of “work” involved in a thorough, well-documented review.

But not in this review.  This time, I reviewed Gold Medal Wine Clubs.

I really enjoyed reviewing this wine club!

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”][/custom_frame_left]I've been receiving shipments from Gold Medal Wine Club for several months.  I intended to do my review after only a couple shipments, but there was just so much to learn before I could speak intelligently about it, I delayed my full review until I did more research.

The review actually was easy, as they don't have an overwhelming number of different wine clubs as options.  They have five.

So, I really could have done this earlier.  But, after receiving these different shipments, and comparing them to the other wine clubs I've received and learning about their company, I've found significant benefit in delaying my review.

In summary:  Gold Medal Wine Club rocks.

In a competitive landscape of big names and big brands, Gold Medal is a family owned and operated business and has flourished because of a number of factors.

  1. Great Wine.  All of the wine they select for their wine clubs is “accolade driven”, meaning well-respected 3rd parties have already designated their wines as highly rated.
  2. Great Presentation.  Yes, they focus on great wine, but Gold Medal provides an added touch of sophistication and charm with their gorgeous packaging and presentation.  (Making their wine clubs a perfect gift for wine lovers!)
  3. Great Education.  Instead of simply delivering wine tasting notes, Gold Medal produces a super-high quality newsletter that includes the tasting notes and so much more.  Learn about the wine, the winery, the winemaker, the region, food-pairings (complete with recipes) and more.

Offering Wine Clubs for Any Taste & Budget.

Gold Medal Wine Club has 5 different wine clubs from which you can choose.  They have their three base wine clubs (Gold Series, Platinum Series and Diamond Series) and their two “specialty” wine clubs (Pinot Noir Series and International Series).

Each of these wine clubs have different price points, types of wine and delivery options.

Quick tip:  Their number 1 top seller is the least expensive and delivers highly rated wines, so if you're unsure of what to choose, start there.  It's called the Gold Series, and is only $35 per shipment.

I'm a big fan of Gold Medal Wine Club.

Check out the specific reviews of each of Gold Medal Wine Club's offerings and make your choice.  (I have recorded a number of wine club review videos on them, so you can see what I'm talking about.)  

You can't go wrong when buying for yourself, or as a gift.

Gold Medal has become my personal #1 Wine Club, and I feel very confident in recommending them to my friends and family.

Click here to visit Gold Medal Wine Club.

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