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Learning About Wine: Today’s Lesson is Spain and Spanish Wine (video)

We were fortunate enough to interview a true wine expert for yesterday's post, which was inspired by Columbus Day.

WCG - Etty and Todd talking Columbus Day Wines 600w with captionIn that original post, we wanted to  highlight and explore countries that were linked to Christopher Columbus.  The original intention was to make a single video that highlighted both Italy and Spain, together.

However, we were extremely fortunate and got way, way more information than could fit in one video, or be delivered in one simple blog post.

Instead of a single blog post and single video, we broke the interview up into two segments.  Why?  Because  our awesome “go to expert” delivered so much knowledge on each of these countries, that we needed to devote individual videos and posts around each of them.

Here's the original post where we explore and learn about Italy and Italian Wine.

So, once again, we're learning about wine!  But today, we're talking all about Spain, Spanish Wine and Spanish Wine Culture with our friend from the highly recommended Plonk Wine Club, Etty Lewesnsztain.

Etty is a trained sommelier, trained chef and wine educator.  Her wine club is well known for helping wine lovers learn more about wine, wine grapes, wine regions and uncover hidden gems that are “off the beaten path”.  It's a really unique wine club that helps people learn about wine and expand their wine palettes.

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to have Etty Lewensztain share some of her vast wine expertise with us, to teach us about wine from Spain!

As I mentioned before, some wine clubs may not ship to your state, so you'll want to be sure to learn about what wine clubs ship to your state.

Here is part two of our interview / wine lesson.

Learn all about Spain and Spanish wine.

Have you tried any wines from Spain that you loved?



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