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Columbus Day Inspired Wine Education – Learning About Italian Wine.

Today is Columbus Day, a day we celebrate the discovery of our land in 1492. Since I have been out of school for so many years, I must admit, I didn't remember much about the Columbus Day Holiday. So, I did a little research.

WCG - Etty and Todd talking Columbus Day Wines 600w with captionAs we contemplated this post, we ran into this graphic that shows a very different perspective of Columbus.  Regardless, this day does give us an opportunity to learn about wine.

Our website isn't about history, it's about wine!

So, what shall we discuss today on Columbus Day? Wine, of course!  To be specific, we're using this opportunity to learn about wine from a couple countries of Columbus's origin and influence: Italy and Spain.

Since I'm no historian, please refer to the link above to learn more about Columbus and his background with these countries. Further, I'm not a wine expert. You might think that with my years of “research” (read: “mass wine drinking experience”) that I'd be more knowledgable than I am. Turns out, I just know what I like. So, I have recruited a true expert for this article.

Helping me in this venture, is a genuine wine expert, a sommelier, chef and wineeducator, Etty Lewensztain, the founder and owner of the Plonk Wine Club. (See our review of the Plonk Wine Club now). The Plonk Wine Club is focused on expanding your wine palette while educating you on wine, wine grapes and helping you uncover hidden gems.

With her vast experience in wines from all around the world, Etty is here to discuss wine, grapes and the wine culture of Italy and Spain.

During our conversation, we decided that we'd break this up into two different videos, so the first video lesson is dedicated to Italy.  Our second video in this series will be dedicated to Spain.

NOTE: Apparently, some states don't observe Columbus day. I didn't know this. Similarly, some states don't allow the shipping of wine to their residents, and some wine clubs can deliver wine to some states but not others. (Find out what wine clubs ship to your state.)

Learn about Italy, Italian Wine, Italian Grapes and Italian Wine Culture in this video.

In part one of this interview-style wine lesson, Etty discusses our first country in this Columbus Day Themed Wine Exploration and Education:  Italy.

Once again, we'd like to thank the highly rated Plonk Wine Club for helping us out here, teaching us about Italy and its wine!

Be sure to watch for our second lesson, in this Columbus Day-themed video lesson, discussing Spain!

What is your favorite Italian wine?

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