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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift: Wine Club

Mother's Day Wine ClubMother's Day is this Sunday and if you are anything like my husband, you are still scrambling to find the perfect gifts for the women in your life. I'm going to make it easy on all of you. If  mom drinks wine, send her a wine club. It doesn't matter if you are reading this post 10 minutes before you head out the door to celebrate with mom–you can still get her a wine club as a gift and she will have no idea that you waited until the very last possible minute. Flowers, chocolate, and jewelry might be traditional, but isn't everyone in the family just a little bit happier after mom has had a little wine?

Choose the Club

Since I know you are short on time, I'm going to break this down very simply. My two suggestions for you are Cellars Wine Club and Gold Medal Wine Club because you can choose from different clubs at different prices plus print out or email a gift certificate that tells Mom the club will be on its way soon. I've had wine from both companies and can attest to its quality. If you had more time, I would suggest that you check out the Custom Mother's Day wine labels from Windsor Wines. But you can think about those for another occasion now.

Cellars Wine Club

If you have no clue what Mom likes, go with their top seller, the Premium Club. If she's like my mom and enjoys sweet wines (like Reisling and maybe even White Zinfandel), go with the Sweet Club. If you know she likes Champagne and you want to dazzle her, go with the Champagne of the Month Club. Prices start as low as $25 to send one bottle for one month. I would go with at least 2 months, though, so you can really consider it a wine “club” and not just a single wine gift. 3, 6, and 12 months are traditional. The shipment will also come with some nice tasting notes and food pairing suggestions.

Here's an example of the gift card that can be sent via email. They have 4 different images to choose from and you can add any text.

Mother's Day Cellars Wine Club

Gold Medal Wine Club

Although the shipping price is not included in the Gold Medal Wine Clubs, it's worth it to buy from them because they ship so pretty! Every bottle comes wrapped in pretty tissue paper with a bow. (Watch our Gold Medal Review and Unboxing Video to see exactly what you get). Their Gold Club is a great deal at $35 a month for 2 bottles. They also include a really nice personalized gift card with the first shipment. Choose the standard mix of both red and white unless you know for sure that she likes one more than the other. She'll get tasting notes with every shipment that will help her to learn more about the wine and figure out what food to pair it with.

Here's an example of the gift card you can print. They are easy to customize and have a number of different images to choose from.

Gold Medal Wine Club Mother's Day

It's the Thought That Counts

Sending a wine club as a gift to mom can be a very thoughtful gift, especially if you choose red, white, or mixed based on her personal preferences. It's a gift that says mom is special and deserves to be remembered for months to come, not just one day of the year.

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