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Forbes Wine Club at $5 a Bottle

Forbes Wine Club $5 Bottles

Edited: Good news, bad news! Forbes is no longer selling its club but we did find a couple of other clubs in the same price range that you might like.

FirstLeaf Wine Club is running an introductory offer for 6 bottles of wine for $40 including shipping. That comes out to $6.66 a bottle. This is the best deal in terms of customizing the types of wine that you want because it's not a set delivery package–it's based on your preferences. Take their quiz and they will match you with wines they think you will like.

Vinesse Wine Clubs has an offer for 8 bottles for $49.99 including delivery. This breaks down to $6.25 a bottle. We have reviewed quite a few Vinesse Clubs over the years! However, this deal is probably their best limited time offer in terms of price per bottle.

Vinesse has another deal that is 6 bottles of wine for $41.95, which breaks down to $6.99 a bottle if you are looking for only 6 bottles instead of 8. The overall price is lower, but the price per bottle is higher. The quality and the variety will be the same as the other Vinesse club above.

Wine clubs can be a great way to save money on wine as well as figure out which wines you like. The new deal from Forbes Wine Club is a perfect combination of both of those. Keep reading to find out how you can get wines tailored to YOUR taste for less than $5 a bottle.

Those are all some pretty great options that we have tried ourselves!

Original Forbes Post:

How Does Forbes Know What You Like?

Last year Todd did a full Forbes Wine Club review where you can read about the technology that they use to help you receive your WinePrint Personality Profile. This process essentially takes you through some tastings to figure out whether you like red or white, sweet or dry, earthy or berry, etc. It's a fun little way to taste some wines without being told what they are and figure out your true tastes.

When you sign up for this promotion and pay just $5, you will be sent the WinePrint Tasting Kit to get things started. Once you complete the tasting, they will provide you with your Personality Profile. But that is just the start!

What's The Deal?

Once you receive your Personality Profile, you can then order your full case from Forbes valued at up to $240 for only $59.99. Plus free shipping! 12 bottles total. That's a savings of $180 with a price per bottle of only $5. I know I must sound like some kind of infomercial (but wait! there's more!), but it really is that good of a deal.

forbes-dealBased on the wines that we have received so far from Lot 18 and the wines that they show on their website, the bottles are valued anywhere between $12 and 24. So even on average you are getting this case at about half price with no shipping cost.

What's the Catch?

They hope that you will like the Forbes Wine Club wines wines so much that you want to continue receiving shipments from them. Each time you drink a wine, you go into their system and tell it what you thought of it. So the next time you get a case, it should be tailored even more to your tastes. Subsequent shipments will NOT be at the introductory rate, but they will still be up to 40% off retail and presumably wines that you will like because they have been picked based on your WinePrint profile.

However, there is NO OBLIGATION to continue with the club at any time–after you complete the Personality Profile, after your first case arrives, or after any set number of cases. You can cancel whenever you want.

So what do you think? Will you give the WinePrint Personality Profile a shot? What do you think about wines for $5 a bottle?

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