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Club W is a hot new wine club – and I can’t escape them!

Club W is everywhere.  WCG Club W Logo thumbnail bw 167x82

This is the hot new wine of the month club that delivers personalized wines, based on your custom wine preferences.  But unlike other custom “wine profile” technologies (like Tasting Room and Forbes), Club W uses a unique taste test to determine your preferences.  Learn all about their wine tasting process in our full review, where Tricia shows you (on video) exactly how Club W personalizes your wine preferences and exactly what you get when you order a wine club for yourself or as a gift.

Their marketing director is doing something right.  Not only are they targeting me (a declared wine lover), their ads are classy, timely, asprirational and they simply look good.

Over the last couple of months, I noticed Club W ads on Facebook, both on Desktop and Mobile.  After a while, I recognized that I had been targeted to repeatedly receive these ads.  (As I was taught in marketing class, it takes roughly 7 times to expose someone to your ad / brand before they recognize it.  Perhaps that number is lower when it comes to wine and me!)  Since I had been seeing these ads for Club W in my Facebook news feed, I thought I'd take some screenshots of it.  (I'm kind of a marketing geek like that.)

Those screenshots came in handy, because I am sharing them with you here!  I really like the “flavor” of their ads.  They give me the impression that I'd really like their club.  And, without knowing anything else about them, their ads are all we have as a first impression of the quality and value of their club.

Luckily, here at the Wine Club Group we review wine clubs and help you see exactly what you get when  you order a wine club for yourself or as a gift.  So, you'll never have to rely on ads alone!  Also, I'd like to point out that this wine club is available in many states, including Florida and New York.

So, check out their ads below.  Do they resonate with you as they did me?  Then, before you purchase their wine club, take a moment to check out our full review of the Club W Wine Club.  Then, you'll know if Club W is really for you.

WCG - Club W screenshot 1 482w

WCG - Club W screenshot 2 482w

WCG - Club W screenshot 4 482w

The ads above were from the desktop version of Facebook.  Below, I've shared a Club W advertisement I found on the mobile version of Facebook.

WCG - ClubW screenshot mobile 482w


And, when you subscribe to their newsletter, you get blog updates.  This is the look of their email updates.  Even these look good!  (And, their “flavor” is consistent with the brand image you see in the ads.)  Very nicely done, Club W!

WCG - Club W screenshot email blog update 482w




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