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6 Bottles of Wine for $6 Each from Firstleaf

Firstleaf just launched a terrific Spring sale for one week only! This special code is available only from April 4-11, 2024.

Get 6 bottles of wine for $36, plus free shipping when you use code NEWBIE.

Firstleaf is different from many wine clubs in that it is personalized to YOUR tastes. You take a short quiz about your personal preferences, and then your shipment is customized to those preferences. Your shipment will come with tasting notes for each wine so that you can identify flavors and pair it best with food.

Although Firstleaf wines are always a pretty good deal, this is a GREAT deal. Normally 6 bottles will cost you $90, although we are often lucky enough to get deals for as low as $45. I've never seen a deal as low as $36 though.

When Eric ordered Firstleaf to do our Wine Club Group review, he priced the total value of the 3 bottles that he received as $81, or about $27 a bottle retail. That makes this deal of $6 a bottle incredible.

The longer you stay with Firstleaf, the better they get at figuring out which wines to send you in your shipments. You can start with the Classic Plan and decide if you want to upgrade to try wines with a higher average retail price (up to $35.67) or stay where you are and receive wines with at least a $21.50 average retail price. You can stay at 6 bottles a shipment, or upgrade to 12 bottles and get free shipping. There are lots of options!

Click here to use code NEWBIE and get your bottles of wine for $6 each.

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