Which Wine Club is Right for You?
Wine Club Reviews & Ratings

What are wine clubs?

Wine Clubs are known as “Wine of the Month” Clubs.

Essentially, it is a membership service where members receive a shipment of wine, once a month.

Typically, wine clubs are “Two Bottles of Wine Per Month”, and you can pre-pay (if it’s a gift), or pay each month as you go.

All palettes are satisfied!

Most Wine Clubs give you the choice of:

  • Red wine only
  • White wine only
  • Both Red and White wines (a “mixed” club)

Additionally, you can choose the price of the wine:

  • Budget (low cost)
  • Value (medium cost)
  • Premium (high cost)

Then, you can choose how many deliveries you’d like:

  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months
  • or “until you cancel”

You can also choose a larger quantity wine club.

So, instead of receiving 2 bottles per shipment, you can choose an entire case of wine (12 bottles).  These are called “Case Clubs”, and typically are delivered once every quarter (every 3 months).

Wine Clubs make great gifts for business or personal needs!

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