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TastingRoom.com Tasting Kit

I received my TastingRoom.com tasting kit a couple weeks ago, and finally had time to review the wines they sent me to customize my next wine club shipment.

For $10, you get:

  • TastingRoom.com Tasting Kit Wines6, 50 mL bottles of wine to taste (2 white, 4 red)
    1. 2010 Ten Sisters Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc
    2. 2010 Loophole Santa Barbara Chardonnay
    3. 2011 Hangtime California Pinot Noir
    4. 2010 Château Tour Saint-Georges Bordeaux
    5. 2011 Elelin Vineyard Selection Patagonia Malbec
    6. 2010 Fortuna Paso Robles Cabernet Sauvignon
  • White & red wine tasting mat
  • Instructions

What you need is:

  • 6 clean wine glasses
  • the white wines chilled
  • about 15 minutes

Tasting Room - how to taste

TastingRoom gives you this snazzy video showing you what's in the kit, and how to properly taste the wines

As instructed, I started with the two white wines. They came out of the refrigerator and sat for 5 minutes, then I dumped them into the glasses, which sat ontop of the circles for white wine 1 and 2 on the tasting mat. Each bottle is numbered, so make sure you pour bottle 1 into glass 1, and bottle 2 into glass 2.

White wines

I swirled, I sniffed, I sipped, and I thought. What I like about the instructions is the last line of the “Think” process: “There's no wrong answer!” This is what YOU think of the wine, not what others think! And you don't have to explain yourself… just go to tastingroom.com/rate and tell them if you like white #1 or white #2 better, then specify if you like it “a little” better, or “a lot.”

After the whites, set up 4 fresh glasses on the red side of the tasting mat, pour out the bottles, and start comparing: bottle 3 vs. bottle 4, then onto bottle 5, then finally bottle 6. This round works a bit different, as you compare 3 vs 4, then that winner goes against 5, then that one is compared to 6. In my case, 3 beat 4, then 3 beat 5, and finally 3 beat 6.

Red wines

Now in a couple of weeks, TastingRoom.com will send me a case of wine (that's 12 bottles) based on the wines I reviewed. The cost of this case is $85, and that includes shipping!

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