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Pairing Wine with Turkey Dinner Flavored Candy Corn (really)

Pairing the perfect bottle of wine with an exotic meal can be challenging to many wine drinkers.  In a restaurant, one can rely upon the expertise of the waiter or sommelier for suggestions to make the perfect wine pairing.  Online, one can rely upon us:  The Wine Club Group.

That's right, we are a tried and true source for quality wine pairing suggestions with such exotic options as:  Wine Pairing and Pizza, Wine Pairing with Girl Scout Cookies, Wine Pairing with Halloween Candy, Wine Pairing with Jelly Beans and more super serious topics.

…and now?  We have undergone the painstaking research to bring you the newest installment of our Wine Pairing Series.  This time, we are Pairing Wine with Turkey Dinner Flavored Candy Corn!

Pairing Wine with Turkey Dinner Flavored Candy Corn

It's true.  Brach's, the makers of every child's favorite halloween candy, Candy Corn, sells bags of interesting “flavors” of their triangular sugary confection, including one that features all the tastes found on your plate at Thanksgiving Dinner, such as:

    • Roasted Turkey
    • Stuffing
    • Green Beans
    • Cranberry Sauce
    • Ginger Glazed Carrot
    • Sweet Potato Pie

The assortment of tastes you get with Thanksgiving Dinner Flavored Candy Corn.

What wine lover wouldn't want to know how to pair their Thanksgiving Dinner Flavored Candy Corn with wine?  I can't imagine any.

Therefore, we proudly present to you, our wine pairing suggestions for Thanksgiving Dinner Flavored Candy Corn…

BTW – Tricia, Eric and Todd got together on video and enjoyed this process:

How we paired wine with thanksgiving dinner flavored candy corn:

We started by assembling all the ingredients:  We needed an assortment of wine and the candy.  That's about it.  Oh, and a couple of glasses and a corkscrew.  Not a lot of preparation was needed here.  (However, we should note, that in advance of our video, Tricia took the time to open her bag of candy corn, and lay out all the different flavors into their own individual pile of candy corn.  She was prepared.  Eric and Todd were not.)

Getting ready to pair wine with candy corn!

The flavors were hard to keep track but even harder to find!

When we first talked about this new flavor of candy corn, we knew that we had to try them and we knew that we had to pair them with wine.  However, we couldn't find them in any stores, anywhere!

Although all three of us live in different cities (with access to different retailers), and all of us were actively on the hunt for that candy corn, we couldn't find them in any store.  We could find plenty of other flavors, but the Thanksgiving Dinner Flavor could NOT be found!

Alas, we finally discovered that this was a Walgreens exclusive product.

So, we each looked up our local Walgreens to see which location had any bags of Thanksgiving Dinner Flavored Candy Corn in stock, and eventually, we each scored a couple bags!

Only available at Walgreens!

Once we each secured our own bags of candy corn, we discovered that there was another challenge ahead of us:  Determining which candy corn color was which thanksgiving dinner flavor!

In our video, you may notice that we spend an awful lot of time trying to distinguish the individuals amongst the assortment of candy colors.

It's not like they give you simple colors to easily determine each flavor!  Oh no.  The only two flavors that I found to be obvious were the green beans flavored candy corn and the cranberry sauce flavored candy corn, as they were clearly either GREEN or RED.  The rest?  Well, I think the cruel minds at Brachs need to keep you guessing.

Thankfully for us, Eric created a convenient chart to help keep the flavors in order:

Thanksgiving Dinner Flavored Candy Corn - close up and categorized

Use this convenient guide to keep your flavors in order!

The Wine Pairings:

Drum roll, please!

Our Wine Pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner Flavored Candy Corn, for 2020, is as follows:

Roasted Turkey – Syrah

Stuffing – Chardonnay

Green Beans – Viogner

Cranberry Sauce – Merlot

Ginger Glazed Carrot – Moscatto

Sweet Potato Pie – Pinot Noir

And finally, we suggest you consider the following wine of the month clubs to bring you (or your favorite wine lover) delicious wines catered to your preferences and budget!

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