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Wine and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wine and Chocolate Chip CookiesIf I made a list of my favorite things, both wine and chocolate chip cookies would be near the top, but not necessarily together. However, in honor of National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, I decided to figure out just which wines would pair with the honored cookies. I started by thinking about my previous wine and chocolate pairing experiences.

What Kind of Chocolate?

Wine pairs well with a LOT of foods but chocolate chip cookies are a little bit tricky. In part, the cookies can vary greatly from one baker to another. Just visit the baking aisle of your grocery and you will see a multitude of different chip varieties. Depending on the types of chips used, different wines might work. In particular, a milk chocolate chip is going to make for a much sweeter cookie than a semi-sweet or a dark chocolate chip would. Most traditional chocolate chip cookies are made with semi-sweet chocolate, so we'll assume that's what you are eating today.

Red or White Wine?

Some people are just not willing to cross the line between red and white wines. You like what you like, and that is just fine. Neither one is a slam dunk in this case anyway. (And please don't dunk the cookies in the wine no matter which one you choose. That's just gross). Just keep an open mind if your usual favorites didn't make my list.

And the Winners Are…

After a little taste testing and some research, I came up with a few wines that are worth giving a shot on this major holiday.

  • Port: This is my favorite choice. It might not be a wine that you already have in your cellar, but it is worth picking one up for pairing with desserts anyway. It's sweet and perfect for after a meal. If you are buying a wine specifically for dessert, this is probably your best bet.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon: If you are looking for a wine to have with other food plus your chocolate chip cookies, this is a good choice for red drinkers. A bonus is that there is a good chance that you already have a bottle of it stashed somewhere.
  • Champagne: Since you are celebrating National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, you  might as well do it up right. Surprisingly, some sparkling wines are actually not too bad with cookies. Just be sure your wine is sweeter than the cookie. There are so many sparkling whites to choose from that white wine drinkers will likely find this the best choice.

I'm actually having a little party in my head right now thinking about eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking Champagne. On the flip side, some dark chocolate cookies with a glass of port might just be calling my name after dinner!

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