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Wine and Music from Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines has introduced a new wine club that “Rocks”.

It's not a monthly wine club, sending a couple bottles of wine each month.  Instead, it's a quarterly case wine club, sending  a full case of wine every three months for a reasonable price.

And, it's not a normal “boring” wine club (their words).  Instead, it's a “party in a box” (my words).  The wines, the packaging, the messaging — and the entire experience is music themed and super fun!

Their new wine club is called “Wine and Music Experience”, and it's perfectly named.

Review of the Wine and Music Experience from Virgin Wines

Not only are the wines music themed / music inspired, but the entire packaging is cool — and they even match music to the shipment with their Spotify Channel.  (Seriously, as I write this review, I'm listening to their Rolling Stones Mix.)

In fact, the first thing you see in the box is this really nice, high production value “Rock & Roll Poster”.

It looks really good and gives me a sense that I'm really gonna like this!

This is the “Rock & Roll Poster” that you see immediately upon opening the box. I consider this a pretty good first impression for this delivery!

And on the backside, you get an overview of what you're receiving with The Virgin Wine and Music Experience Club — and how it all works.  It's pretty slick.  I enjoyed going through this stuff very much.

This is the backside of the rock & roll poster. It gives fun facts about music and wine (and how it relates back to the Virgin brand) and information about your wine club. Very creatively done!

And check this out:  They literally pair each wine with music.  (Now that's unique!)

The idea here, is that you'll open one of the bottles of wines and listen to the perfectly paired music to accompany the bottle, while you enjoy the wine.

It really adds a whole new layer to this wine delivery.  I don't know who came up with this idea, but I'm a fan.

I've been reviewing Wine Clubs with Eric and Tricia for several years now, and I have not seen this before!

I gotta say — this is pretty slick.

This is a screenshot from inside the music area of their website. You can easily play the music they've paired with each of these bottles of wines via their website or Spotify.

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Fun Wine Club Paired With Music!

This super-fun, music-themed Wine Club delivers a FULL CASE of great wine, complete with tasting notes and food pairings --- plus, each bottle has its own spotify music playlist!   Grab a corkscrew and a glass -- and tell Alexa to jam out with the perfectly-paired music!

This is a screenshot of their music page for the Rolling Stones wine that I received. As you can see, on the left side is information about the bottle of wine, and on the right is the playlist and the link to open Spotify. Very simple. Very easy to use.

…I'm totally picturing an evening of fun-filled music-themed wines being enjoyed over the laughter of my friends as we toast each other with each of the bottles of wine — while listening to their “paired music”, blaring from the Alexa Echo I received for Christmas this year…  🙂

(Update:  Here's a direct link to open spotify and listen to this Rolling Stones playlist right now!  Eric wanted to listen to it, so I thought I'd keep the link published here for easy access for us in the future — or anyone who wants to rock out with us.)

Our Review of the Wine & Music Experience Wine Club from Virgin Wines.  See our Delivery!

I received a delivery to review their club recently and I took a ton of photos and am sharing my review and what I've learned about this club below.

This is exactly what you see when you first open the box. Of course, I removed the top section of the recycled cardboard packaging in order to reveal the bottles for this photo.

This is a new club that is really fun and, in my opinion, really hits the nail on the head with the overall experience.

Seriously, how often do you open a heavy box filled with good wine — and the first thing you see is a “Rock Star-like” full color poster featuring wine bottles with cool labels for KISS, The Police and The Rolling Stones???   (Yeah, I'm a product of the 70's)


I just love this. Rock ‘n Roll Wine. This is just a photo of part of the messaging that comes with the delivery. This looks very well-put-together .

My quick summary review

Get it.  (It's really a fun wine club and a great value.)

It's very reasonably priced at around $150 for 12 bottles of good wine.  Add $20 for shipping, unless you're a member of their Free Shipping program for $89 a year.

It's a great gift — and equally fun as a gift for yourself.

Virgin Wines does this right.  I highly recommend it.

They have a special deal going right now for the Virgin Wines “Wine and Music Experience Wine Club”.  It's a great offer, in my opinion.  Your first case of wine for $79 and FREE SHIPPING.

You can't pass that up, right?  That's over $179 of wine value at a $100 discount.

Click here to get this deal.

The quick “What you get for your money” summary…

  • Deliveries come every 3 months (once per quarter), so 4 per year.
  • Plus, there are 2 additional “seasonal” deliveries, one at summer time and one at holiday time.
  • So, there are a total of 6 deliveries each year. 
  • Each delivery is a case of wine, or 12 bottles.
  • Each delivery is $150.  Shipping is normally $20 per delivery.
  • If you pay $89 a year, your shipping for the regular 6 deliveries get FREE SHIPPING.
  • Also, if you want to order additional cases of wine, that annual $89 makes those additional orders get FREE SHIPPING too.
  • SPECIAL DEAL:  The initial delivery will be discounted to only $79.99 with FREE SHIPPING.  Get this deal now by clicking here.
  • You can choose to get all 12 bottles of wine to be (1) All Red Wine, or (2) All White Wine or (3) A Mix of both Red and White wines.
  • Regardless of your choice of wine color, you'll still get the 3 bottles of “Rock n Roll Red”.  (The bottles of KISS, The Police and The Rolling Stones red wines)
  • If you ever want to change your wine color preferences selection, you simply update your preferences online or via phone.
  • If you ever want to skip or cancel deliveries, you simply update your preferences online or via phone.
  • If you don't like any wine, they'll replace it or refund your money.  (100% Satisfaction Guarantee)
  • If you receive a wine that you love and want to buy more of, you get a 20% discount on orders.
  • And, if you purchase an entire case of your favorite new discoveries at the 20% discount, you'll also get free shipping on these purchases of cases of wine, if you're part of their $89 Free Shipping Program.

To become a member, or not become a member?  That is the question.

As an ongoing member, you'll get a shipment each quarter, plus a summer time shipment and a holiday shipment — you know, for those special times when you need more good wine on hand!

We fully recommend maintaining your membership — but we know many people get nervous about “memberships”, so we wanted to be sure you know that you have options.

Now, you don't have to commit to a club membership with them to get great wine at a great price, but when you order, you are officially agreeing to accept future deliveries — but cancelling is simple and instant — so you can enjoy the benefits of the membership without having to worry about being locked in.

Seriously:  Cancelling Membership and reaching Customer Service is simple.

They don't hide their phone number or surprise you in any way.


…now that's upfront and makes it very easy.  (They don't make you feel bad for cancelling, either. )

Here's a screenshot from their order page:

So, if you choose a single delivery as a gift or if you just want to try it for yourself, you're in luck.  They are very happy to sell you this single delivery.  (Just call and cancel sometime after you receive the first shipment.)  However, if you do join their club, you'll know you're getting good wines automatically shipped out to you throughout the year — and for an additional $89 a year, ALL YOUR CASE DELIVERIES ARE FREE.

Yep.  They have a “Free Shipping Program”.

Just like our love for amazon prime and the free shipping that results — Virgin Wines has a similar program for this Wine and Music Experience Club.  Meaning, for a single $89 fee, you've pre-paid for all the case deliveries you get through the year.  (Normal shipping is $20 for a full case of wine to be safely transported and delivered to your door.  Or, it's free with their annual membership.)


My delivery of the Wine and Music Experience from Virgin Wines.

I received a shipment from Virgin Wines for this review.  They sent me a mixed case, so I had both red wine and white wine in my delivery.

The box was rather heavy, as you'd expect a full 12 bottles of wine to weigh.  And, of course, I had to be home to sign for the delivery since it was alcohol.  (Many people ship to their work address to overcome that issue.)

The box had Virgin Wines branding and messaging on the outside, so I knew what was in the box.

When I opened the top of the box, the very first thing I saw was this great looking full-color, 2-sided Rock Star Poster that really sets the tone for this wine club.

Also, there was a pack of tasting cards, one per wine that discusses the wine, the wine maker, food pairings, etc.

(NOTE:  Those were not easy to spot.  They give you a sealed plastic packet filled with tasting note cards and a custom welcome message, along with specific ordering instructions for re-ordering particular bottles, etc.  However, this little packet slid along the side of the bottles.  I wonder if I hadn't known to look for it, if someone else would have noticed it quickly or not…)

However, one important part of the delivery doesn't come inside the box.  It's the music.   You go to their website and they have a playlist setup for each wine.  It's pretty slick and adds a whole unique element to this wine club.

Here are some photos of my delivery.

All 12 bottles of wine and their tasting notes spread out on my counter.

These are all the tasting note cards. Each wine gets its own tasting notes with information about the wine, wine maker and food parings.

As an example, here's the front side of the tasting notes for the KISS Malbec that came in my first delivery.

9 Total Score
This wine club is fun!

I'm really impressed with how this wine club makes me feel. It's like a party in a box, and I really can't wait to show my friends these wines! You get 12 bottles with each delivery for a very reasonable price. In summary: Get it for yourself and get one as a gift.

  • Great unique wines
  • Full case per delivery
  • Great looking messaging
  • Music themed packaging
  • Don't love the wine? You get your money back.
  • No monthly delivery options
  • Don't love their music suggestions? They suggest you change the channel. 😉


  1. it says I cannot order as I am a customer. I have never been your customer and I would like to order.

    • That happened to a friend of mine too. I don’t know how they “determine” you’re already a customer, without matching your email address or full address or something. And since there shouldn’t be a match, I am stumped.

      There should be a phone number on their site to call. After the holiday weekend, I can call them for you if you’d like.

      It’s a good club to get!

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