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As holiday shopping starts, everyone is looking for coupons and deals on just about everything. We know that Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals are huge, so be sure to come back and read all of them that we have compiled starting November 29. However, we also know that people are looking for good bargains on wine clubs all year round. So I decided to draw up a quick list of best choices if you are looking primarily for affordable, high quality wine clubs.

This list is in no particular order and I am choosing different clubs for different reasons. See which ones fit your needs best (including which states the wine clubs ship to).

California Premier SeriesThe California Wine Club with 50% Off Code: One of the best promotions on wine clubs right now is The California Wine Club Premier Series using our coupon code (be sure to check our page because it changes frequently) to save 50% on your first three months. That makes 2 bottles a month around $19 plus shipping and handling. For that quality of wine, you won't find a better price.

WCG Plonk Wine Club Top Reds 150x150Plonk Free Italian Wine with first shipment: This is a deal that you can only get on our site. When you order with Plonk and follow the directions on our page to use our code when you check out, you can get an extra bottle of wine with your first shipment. That would be 3 bottles for $49.99. Not bad for the quality of wine that you are getting.
Wine of the Month ClubWine of the Month Club Classic: For a straight-up all-year-round good deal with no coupons, you can get the Wine of the Month Club Classic Series for $21.95 plus shipping. That's close to the price of California but would be the ongoing price rather than an introductory rate if you choose to continue for more than three months.
wsj-15-bottles-150x150WSJ Wine Club for quantity: If you are looking only at the quantity of the wine for the price without regard to gift packaging, uniqueness, etc., WSJ Wine Club might be a good bet. You can get 15 bottles for $69.99 plus shipping right now.
Those are my top picks for wine club deals today depending on what you are looking for. I've personally tasted the wine from all of them and would order any of them again (or gratefully receive as a gift…hint hint!).

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