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Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea: Wine Clubs

Mother's Day GiftMother's Day is right around the corner and many of us are looking for something different from the usual flowers, jewelry, and food. Speaking as a mom myself, I can tell you that while all of those things are appreciated, it's also fun to receive something a little unique. Something that says my husband and kids really know me and what I like. What could be better than a wine club?

Choosing a Wine Club for Mom

If you know exactly what type of wine mom likes and how much you want to spend, this is easy. Simply choose a club in your price range that has that type of wine! My mom likes sweet wines so I would get her the Cellars Wine Sweet Wine Club. It gets a little more tricky if mom likes different types of wines or if they don't have an exact club for her favorite type of wine.

My suggestion would be to choose a white wine club or red wine club specifically only if you know those are the only wines that she drinks. If she tends to drink either white or red depending on the situation, go with a mixed wine club (see our top mixed club suggestions) because the shipments will have a broader variety. For me, summer is more about white wine and winter is usually more red. So a mixed club that lasts for a few months would be perfect.

Delivery Options

Certain wine clubs make better gifts than others. If you just want to buy a big box of wine at a good price and have it delivered to yourself and then give it to her personally, Zagat would be the best value. If you want a club that will be delivered directly to mom, Cellars Wine Club and Gold Medal Wine Club are the best choices. You can pay up front as many months as you want delivered so that you don't have to worry about canceling. Of the two, Gold Medal Wine Club comes packaged better with pretty tissue paper and ribbons on each bottle plus a personalized card.

If you need something last minute, both Cellars and Gold Medal will allow you to print a card or you can send one by email. Mom will never know that you waited until the last minute to order!

No matter what price range you are looking for, you can find the perfect wine club gift starting as low as $30.  If you need help finding one, contact us and we will help!

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