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TheCalifornia Wine Club – Simply Red Club Review

(This club no longer exists)

I am not only “partial” to Red Wine — I LOVE Red Wine. And, I strongly prefer red wine over white wine. (Actually, I rarely drink white wine, if ever.)

This new club from CAWINECLUB is perfect for me! Why? Because this club ONLY delivers RED WINE.

The name kinda sums it up pretty well, don't ya think? It's called “Simply Red”. (So, don't go looking for options for white wine in this club!)

I get a lot of wines from a number of wine clubs each month. And one thing I really appreciate from this Simply Red Wine Club, is that their deliveries are spaced out every other month. (You can also choose every 3 months, a.k.a. “once per quarter”.) So, when all my other clubs are sent every single month, I can get this club delivered a little less frequently — thus, I'm able to spread out my budget accordingly.

Another thing I love about this “Red Only Wine Club” is the source of the red wines. Of course all the wines come from California, like most of the clubs available from CAWINECLUB. The neat thing about this club's “source” is that the red wines that are selected for this club were selected. These red wines are from The CAWINECLUB's most popular club, their “Premier Series”, where customers can get Red *and* White wines each month. So, to create this Simply Red club, The CAWINECLUB simply takes their carefully-selected red wine from two month's deliveries of their Premier Club and package them as their new Simply Red wine club.

8.5 Total Score
For Red Lovers

2 bottles a shipment of red wines from artisinal wineries

  • Perfect for lovers of Red Wine
  • Excellent value
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • No option for every month delivery
  • No fixed term delivery option

And the price? Yep. It rocks. As you can see, it's exceptionally affordable and very attractive (just like their ultra-popular Premier Series).

The only “drawback” of this club, is that there is no “fixed term” (or fixed number of shipments) option. If you buy it, you'll have to manually cancel if you ever decide to.

So, the summary:

    • Red wine only
    • Same red wine as found in their popular Premier Series
    • Same affordable price as their popular Premier Series
    • Every other month, or ever quarter delivery

I'm a big fan of this club. I think any lover of Red Wine would, too.

Link to the main company page too.


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