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Tasting Room Offer on Groupon

Tasting Room on Groupon

Groupon has an offer for Tasting Room listed: 6 mini bottles and 6 750 mL (full) bottles for just $34.99 – including shipping! Here's how it works:

You buy the Groupon offer and redeem it at Tasting Room, who will send you the initial shipment of 6 mini bottles. Taste the wines and fill out your profile preference online then your next shipment of 6, full-size bottles are shipped to you. All this for just $34.99 – great deal!

What's the catch? Well, you're also subscribed to their club, which will send you 12 bottles every 3 months for $149 plus $19.99 shipping. BUT, you can cancel at any time.

Is this a deal? Well if you just wanted the 6 mini bottles, you can buy that directly from Tasting Room for $9.95, then your first case is $84.49 so, yeah – this Groupon offer is a fantastic deal! Just remember to cancel if you don't want the next shipment, and the $170 charge on your credit card.

The bigger downside to this deal, especially given the time of year, is that this is not something that you can easily give as a gift, since the person doing the tasting and receiving the case of wine has to put in their credit card information to redeem the offer.

I'm going to buy this offer now, and get my own Tasting Kit & case of wine for $34.99 – I recommend you do, too, before it's sold out!

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