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Sangria Wine is a Summer Hit (in More Ways Than One!)

Sangria Wine Recipes

Sangria is a hit every summer but even more so this year with the new song “Sangria Wine” by Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams. Just about the only things that the song and the drink have in common are that they both have fruit that floats around on the top and make you want to dance (surely I'm not the only one that wants to dance when I drink sangria?).

In honor of sangria, the song, and summer, I've rounded up a variety of my favorite sangria recipes. Whether you are a fan of red wine or white wine, you'll find one that will be perfect for your playlist… er …menu this summer. And if you don't know the song, stick around to the end of the post to hear it.

Summer Sangria Recipes

Easy Traditional Red Sangria

Traditional sangria is a Spanish drink made from red wine, fruit, and other juices or liquor. This recipe checks all the boxes with red wine, apples, oranges, orange juice, and brandy. For the sangria purist!

Quick White Sangria Recipe

When I think of summer fruits, I think of peaches and strawberries. That's probably why this recipe screams traditional summer sangria to me. It's your pretty typical white sangria recipe, including brandy, lemon, lime, and a little Sprite to make it bubbly.

Romantic Sparkling Rose Sangria

This recipe is a little more work but combines a couple of unique ingredients: rose wine (which everyone loves in summer), raspberries, and orange liqueur. It will elevate your party (even if it's a “party of one”) and be different than what everyone else is serving this summer.

Star Spangled Sangria

Although the ingredients are not unique for this recipe, the look sure is. Combine strawberries, blueberries, and star-shaped pineapple to create a patriotic sangria that is as pretty as it is potent. It may actually be the vodka and triple sec that make it potent. 4th of July in a glass!

White Wine Sangria for a Crowd

Need a recipe that serves a lot of people on a little budget? This batch of sangria supposedly serves 30-40 (or 56 wine glasses worth), but I'm thinking that's more like 10-15 of my friends. Unlike some of the others, it includes lemonade not only to flavor it but to help you get more bang for your buck.

Strawberry Basil Sangria

Let's finish things off with a sangria for fancy people. This is a recipe you will want to follow a little more closely than some of the others so that none of the flavors overwhelms (particularly the basil or lemonade). I've had strawberry basil lemonade before in the summer and it was really refreshing. I'm thinking adding some red wine to it can only make it better!

More Sangria Recipes

If none of those are what you are looking for (or if you happen upon this post during a season other than summer), check out our Sangria Pinterest Board that features nothing but Sangria recipes. We're always looking for new twists on sangria and some of the seasonal variations are awesome!

And now for the song of the summer….

“Sangria Wine” (Camila Cabello and Pharrell Williams)

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