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WSJ Wine Club Review (Wall Street Journal Wine Club)

WSJWine from The Wall Street Journal is different from most wine clubs in that it only offers wine by the case. Every three months your delivery will include 12 bottles of wine: all white, all red, or mixed.

For a limited time, you can save $170 on 15 bottles of red wine rather than the regular 12 bottles plus free gift.

The starting price is $69.99, which ends up being $5.84 $4.67 for every bottle of wine in the initial shipment. Unlike some groups, delivery isn't included – be ready to spend an extra $19.99 with each delivery.

The WSJ Wine Club is a popular wine club, backed by a familiar name.

$244.99 $69.99

It is possible to stop anytime (yes, even after your first order!) and even skip a delivery or change your wine choice.

Like the majority of wine clubs, tasting notes for each included bottle come with your order. Your first delivery also comes with a binder to hold your tasting notes in order as well as an introductory gift of a wine corking set. The more clubs that I join, the more that I like this tasting notes binder because it's a nice way to keep track of which wines I liked as well as what I should pair them with.

The white wine case features a Riesling from Washington State, a Spanish lime & peach Aperitif, and other white wines from New Zealand, France, Italy and Napa Valley. The red wine case includes California Cabernet and Pinot Noir, an Argentinean Malbec, and Bordeaux from France. The mixed case includes 4 different whites and 4 different reds, some doubled up, for a total of 12 bottles.

[pullquote style=”left”]Savings of at least 20% off normal wine prices with every case delivery.[/pullquote]I ordered the WSJWine Club for myself, but you could certainly order it as a gift. A couple of considerations are that the box is very heavy with 12 bottles in it, there is no opportunity to include a gift message, and you cannot schedule the delivery date. Deliveries are made through a special local delivery service and although you may not have access to tracking information online, you are called 24 in advance of the delivery.

8.9 Total Score
WSJ Brand!

WSJWine from The Wall Street Journal helps you get started in a quarterly case wine club and makes a great gift.

  • Select reds, whites, or mixed
  • Low initial price ($69.99)
  • Reorder wines anytime
  • Nice gifts with purchase
  • Discovery Club great for those new to wine clubs
  • Only option is a quarterly case club
  • Additional $19.99 shipping charge

One of the perks of the WSJWine Club is that when you like a wine in your wine club, you may buy more of it direct from WSJWine. The prices are reasonable, and you will already have the tasting notes to go along with the wine. Shipping is every 3 months, and future shipments are charged at $139.99 ($11.67/bottle).

Specifications of this Wine club from WSJ:


Base Cost (Pre-Shipping)

: 69.99

Free Shipping Included?


Bottle Count


Wine Color



Both Red & White

Delivery Frequency Options

Quarterly (every 3 months)

Ship to States

AZ - Arizona

CA - California

CO - Colorado

CT - Connecticut

FL - Florida

ID - Idaho

IL - Illinois

IN - Indiana

IA - Iowa

KS - Kansas

KY - Kentucky

LA - Louisiana

ME - Maine

MD - Maryland

MA - Massachusetts

MI - Michigan

MN - Minnesota

MS - Mississipi

MO - Missouri

MT - Montana

NE - Nebraska

NV - Nevada

NH - New Hampshire

NJ - New Jersey

NM - New Mexico

NY - New York

NC - North Carolina

ND - North Dakota

OH - Ohio

OK - Oklahoma

OR - Oregon

PA - Pennsylvania

RI - Rhode Island

SC - South Carolina

SD - South Dakota

TN - Tennessee

TX - Texas

UT - Utah

VT - Vermont

VA - Virginia

WA - Washington

WV - West Virginia

WI - Wisconsin

WY - Wyoming


Visit wsjwine.com & read the full review, including some of the specific bottles of wine and my free gift with purchase (which was a corkscrew set this time).

Some images from our deliveries of Wall Street Journal Wine Club:

WSJ Wine Club

WSJ Wine Club





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