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International Wine of the Month Club – Masters Series Review

A fine balance between the quality of MonthlyClubs.com‘s Collectors Series and the value of The Premier Series, The Masters Series gives you the option of 1 red and 1 white wine, or 2 reds each month for $49.95 a month plus $13 shipping and handling.

Shipment can be sent every month, every other month, or quarterly (every 3 months) and can be combined with cheese, chocolate, cigars, flowers and other clubs offered by MonthlyClubs.com.

Pay for the entire club at once, or pay each time a shipment is sent. If you're buying this wine club as a gift, you can customize a gift announcement to send today via email, schedule one for a later date, or print your announcement so that you can deliver it to the recipient.

Cellar Notes comes for each bottle in the shipment, which profiles the wine and winery. These notes are some of the most comprehensive we've seen in the wine club industry today.

Visit MonthlyClubs.com & read the full review, including information on gift options and a $10 off coupon.

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