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Firstleaf Wine Club Review

First shipment: 6 bottles for just $40.

I recently received a shipment from the Firstleaf Wine Club, promoted as “A new way to buy your favorite wine.” We've seen this model before: answer a few questions about what type of chocolate you like and how you drink your coffee and the wine club will send you wines customized for you. But Firstleaf goes further, asking you to review the wines you receive at each shipment, customizing your next selection and refining their method for choosing the best wines for you.

Firstleaf Wine Club's shipments are matched to your taste and delivered on your schedule.

Getting Started

To get started, spend 15 seconds and answer these questions:

  • What wines do you like?
    • White
    • Mix
    • Red
    • Sparkling
    • Rose
  • Which regions?
    • USA
    • Mix
    • International
  • How many bottles do you drink per month?
    • 0-2
    • 3-5
    • 6+

You'll then be presented with 6 wines which their algorithm recommends for you. You can keep those wines, or choose a pre-packaged shipment of Award-winning Wines, Founder's Favorites or Big Reds for $15 plus $4.95 shipping. Even if you cancel after that first shipment, this is a great value ($6.65 per bottle, shipped to you) to get some new wines sent to your door, based on your own taste preferences.

What's in the Box

When I was sent my shipment (shipping is FAST!), I received the Founder's Favorites: Paso Del Tiempo 2015 Old Vine Garnacha, Open Secret 2016 Pinot Noir and Whipstitch 2016 Chenin Blanc. The retail price of these three bottles is $81, but you can get these same wines delivered to you for under $20.

I'm always happy to see wines shipped in cardboard vs. styrofoam. I've never received a broken bottle, and would rather recycle the packaging instead of contributing to a landfill.

Upon opening the box, there was an envelope with tasting notes (my favorite part of receiving wine from a wine club). After all these years, I'm better at pairing wine with food and identifying the different flavors, but I like to compare my choices to what the experts say. Firstleaf disappointed me here, however, as I only received tasting notes for the Paso Del Tiempo 2015 Old Vine Garnacha. If I were a member of the club, I could have logged into my account and read the notes online, but I like to keep the hard copy with the bottle in my cellar.

The Wine

My wife and I were hosting Friendsgiving, so we opened the Open Secret 2016 Pinot Noir. Everyone tastes wine differently and we review wine clubs, not the wine sent in the club. But I will say this bottle did not disappoint. It went well with the meal and our guests were satisfied with it.

The Membership

As a club for yourself, this is a great value to get started and a great concept. The longer you stay a club member, the better job Firstleaf does matching their wines to your tastes. Ongoing shipments cost $79 plus $9.95 shipping but that's for 6 bottles, so you're paying just under $15 per bottle for wine chosen for you.

You can set the frequency of shipments to come every 1, 2, or 3 months. So if you go through 6 bottles per month, get the shipment sent to you monthly. But if you're only opening 2 bottles per month, have your shipments sent every 3 months.

Because an adult must sign for the club shipment, you can even log in to your Firstleaf account and set the exact date of arrival for your next club. This is especially handy if you're having your club sent to your house, but you're not home every day.

Firstleaf as a Gift

We know that the majority of wine clubs are sent as gifts, but this is not an option from the Firstleaf website. When I asked, I was told you can call or email them to arrange this, which (to me) sounds like you'll end up putting your credit card on the recipient's account. Another option is that you can buy packs of wine to ship to others without any commitment or subscription but again, not via their website (yet). While this club is fantastic for yourself, if you're looking to give the gift of a wine club I suggest you look at our top wine club gifts.

How to Cancel Firstleaf Wine Club

  1. Go to https://www.firstleaf.club/unsubscribe
  2. Login, if not already signed in
  3. Select your reason for cancelling, and then click “Cancel Subscription”

For other customer service requests, visit https://help.firstleaf.club/ or email service@firstleaf.club.


You can't miss on Firstleaf's introductory offer: 6 bottles of wine delivered to you for under $40. If you're looking for a club for yourself that customizes the selection based on your preferences, I recommend giving Firstleaf a try. But if you're looking to send a gift then I suggest you review our most popular wine clubs.

Firstleaf Wine Club's shipments are matched to your taste and delivered on your schedule.

8.5 Total Score
Customized for you!

Firstleaf Wine Club's shipments are matched to your taste and delivered on your schedule.

  • Introductory offer: 6 bottles for just $40
  • Wines are customized just for you
  • Flexible shipping schedule and specific delivery dates
  • Sparkling wine option
  • No easy gift-giving option
  1. Reply
    Roy Steady December 30, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    loved the Whipswitch

  2. Reply
    Jane H Lomel February 23, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    Enjoyed the Post Horn Propriety Red, but we have decided not to order any more.
    PLEASE CANCEL our current shipment, which we are returning!

  3. Reply
    Jo Ann Leifeste March 27, 2018 at 6:37 am

    I would like to cancel my membership. The wine is lovely but I am no longer allowed to drink wine.
    I no longer have excess to my online account so the only way you may reach me is at the mailing address I gave you for the wine delivery.
    Thank you,
    Jo Ann

  4. Reply
    WILLIAM WINGO November 15, 2018 at 9:40 pm

    Says ships to OK but website says they do not.

  5. Reply
    charles Funk January 5, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    First leaf inadvertently billed me for wine I didn’t order and never received. How do I straighten this out?



    • Reply
      Todd Farmer January 10, 2019 at 12:03 pm

      Hi Charles –

      The customer service phone number for first leaf wine club is 1-800-461-7203 (available Monday- Friday, 9AM- 8PM EST).

      Have a great day!

  6. Reply
    Larry Shanbrom April 10, 2019 at 10:09 am

    I don’t know whether Firstleaf is a scam or they are just wildly incompetent. I purchased a Groupon for $100 of wine. I then did what I thought I was supposed to do and went to the website “store” and selected 6 bottles. While it is clear to me that the prices in the store (as opposed to the club) are wildly inflated, because I was able to purchase the Groupon with a promo code, this was still what should have been a good deal. When I went to check out, I was given an error message. I tried again, same message. I then opened the chat client and then proceeded to spend more than 1 hour trying to get this resolved. While I do know that they specifically state that they cannot ship to several states, I live in Connecticut and there was no notation that they could not ship here. Parenthetically, I very often receive wine purchased online and have never had any issues getting them delivered to me!

    The chat person finally determined that one of the items I selected could not be shipped to CT (??????), so I replaced it with another wine. Everything should be fine….correct? NOOOOOOOO! I still could not process the order, so once again, the chat person checked and determined that another of my selections could not be shipped to CT. At that point, I said that this was ridiculous….and she was apologetic and send me 3 links where I could get preselected 6 bottle packages at steeply discounted prices IF I joined their club. I was willing to give this a try but then was told that I could not use the Groupon. Let me note that by this time, I had spend nearly an hour and a half trying to buy 6 bottles of wine…..let that sink in!

    At that point, I gave up and thankfully, was able to get my Groupon credited. In all of my years purchasing online, never – repeat – NEVER – have I encountered such incompetence (or…again….was it all a scam….). I did note that their wildly overpriced wines in their online store could be purchased for significantly less if you joined the club, but the “store” pricing is absolutely absurd.

    A seriously awful experience.

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