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International Wine of the Month Club – Bold Reds Wine Club Review

If you love red wine — and in particular “Bold Red Wine” (like me), then you'll want to consider this super premium wine of the month club from MonthlyClubs.com.  Below, we review this wine club.

I received a shipment of this wine club, and I have shared photos of it here and on instagram.

The quick story about this wine club is that it is all red wine, all the time.  (There is obviously no option for white wine in this club.)

And, more specifically, the red wine you receive in this wine of the month club is delicious, and downright perfect.  They call it a “Bold Red” wine club, and they do so for good reason; the red wines you receive are deep, rich, robust — and bold.

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If you love robust, bold red wines, you'll love this wine club!  Multiple options to customize the club plus availability of ecards make it a great gift option. Wines chosen from around the world ...

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It's really a great value — but it's not cheap.

This isn't a cheap wine club, at roughly $65 (including shipping) per delivery of 2 bold red wines from different international regions.  It's a superior value for the money, though as the wines I tasted in my delivery were both exquisite and very much worth $65 per bottle each, IMHO.  Therefore, I fell it's a very good value when you get TWO bottles for only $65 or so.

I'm a big fan of this wine of the month club.  It gives me the bold, rich red wines that I love — and they choose wines from wineries and brands I should know more about.

In fact, last night I tasted one of my favorite new red wines — and it was in this shipment.  It's a 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain, and it's really, really yummy.

9 Total Score
For the Bold Red Wine Lover

An outstanding wine of the month club, featuring my personal favorite wines. Deep, rich, robust red wines from all around the world.

  • Only the best bold red wines
  • 2 Delicious bottles per delivery
  • Not cheap

What you get with each delivery.

As you can see from the photos of my delivery, you receive 2 excellent bottles of bold red wine, an accompanying tasting notes newsletter for each wine (the black and white photos below) and a nice overall newsletter about the club and the delivery (the full color, glossy 11 x 17 photos below)

As with most tasting notes, you see information about the wine, the wine maker, the winery and the region.  They also teach you a bit about the grapes, and when the best time to drink or cellar your wines.

The bottles are delivered in a generally neutral box.  The shipping instructions on the label clearly indicate that there is alcohol in the package, so you know what's inside, even if the box isn't loaded with branding or messaging.  And the packaging itself is of high quality and great for recycling.  (See the photo of the packaging below.)

When you open the box, you're greeted by the high production value, full color 11 x 17 newsletter that gives you a sense about the club, how the wines are selected and what you expect.  I suspect you only receive this in your first delivery.

Also inside, were detailed tasting notes for the wines.  Inside you learn about the wines, what to expect to taste and all the normal stuff you expect from wine club deliveries.  However, unlike many competing wine clubs that include simple tasting notes, these ones are a bit more extensive.  They really give you a sense of this wine and a great education on the wine, too.  It's rather comprehensive.

With the tasting notes are your normal food pairing suggestions.  However, they go a bit above and beyond here, too:   They don't just give you the normal “red meat” will go well with this cabernet, instead, you're given quite an education about which types of foods and how they could be prepared to bring out the best in each bottle of wine within the delivery.  (I should note, however, that their recipe for “Bacon-wrapped quail with bourbon-pepper jelly glaze” was a bit too sophisticated of a recipe for my abilities!)



This was insanely delicious. I posted this to our instagram account so I won't forget which wine to reorder!

Instagram filters. You almost can't even see the wine in the glass.

This wine was so deep, dark red — and delicious

How many bottles of wine do you see, where the winemaker takes this extra step?

Just another artsy shot of this great wine. (I actually took this photo before my first sip. Boy, I was very pleased with that first sip!

This is the other bottle that was included in the delivery. It was excellent. I won't plan to reorder this one like I do the other one, but it was very good.

Backside of that delicious bottle!

This was the first bottle we opened from this delivery. It was very good!

See how deep red this wine is? It was so smooth, yet full of body. Excellent wine.

This is the welcome newsletter you (or your gift recipient) will see when opening their box of the Bold Reds Wine Club. Very nicely put together

My attempt at an artsy photo of the first bottle of wine we drank with this delivery. It was really good!

This premium wine club really looks nice with this high production value newsletter that is included with each delivery. This is the FRONT.

This premium wine club really looks nice with this high production value newsletter that is included with each delivery. This is the INSIDE.

The bottles are carefully transported to your door in this highly-recyclable material.

This is the front side to the tasting notes for the first bottle of wine we enjoyed from this delivery. It was really good.

This is the tasting notes newsletter that was included for my favorite wine from this delivery, a 2012 Spanish Cabernet. Freaking yum.


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