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Rescheduling Wine Club Deliveries

I was getting ready for a trip and received an email that my wine club was going to be delivered the Tuesday that I was gone. Panic! Well, not so fast – there are ways to reschedule your wine club shipment, so you don't miss out.

UPS My Choice

I was receiving a shipment via UPS, so I created an account with UPS My Choice and for $5, I was able to have the package delivered the following week, when I knew I'd be home. I was hoping to send the shipment to my parents' house, but changing the delivery address isn't an option, only the delivery date.

You can see in UPS My Choice the deliveries made to my house (including another wine club coming in today).
UPS My Choice

Clicking on one, you can click on Change Delivery and be presented with the following screen
UPS Change Delivery

You'll see that for this shipment, they'll try delivering it three times before giving up, but I can ask them to hold it at the UPS operating facility for free, or reschedule the delivery for $5. Delivery to another address isn't an option for this package (“Due to the specific status or nature of your shipment, this option is not available.”), maybe because it's wine?

Still, for $5, I didn't have to worry about intercepting the package, and had it delivered when I'm home.

Bonus tip: I get a lot of deliveries at home, so UPS comes many times / week. I've asked my driver to honk if he needs a signature. This way, when he pulls up, I know if I have to rush out to meet him, or can just pick up the packages next time I go past the front door.

FedEx Delivery Manager

Similar to UPS My Choice, the FedEx Delivery Manage lets you reschedule your deliveries so they arrive at a time that's convenient for you. They also offer delivery to another address, but I'm guessing are bound to the same restrictions as UPS is with shipments of alcohol. What FedEx does provide, which I don't see with UPS, is a vacation hold, where they'll hold your shipments until you're back home again.

FedEx charges $5 to reschedule a delivery, or $10 if you want to specify a 2-hour window for your package to be delivered. The vacation hold (up to 14-days) is free.

Your Wine Club

Some wine clubs will let you delay your monthly shipment, or even skip a month. For example, Gold Medal Wine Club states, “You can have your wine delivered to your vacation location if you are on an extended stay of one, two, or even three months or more. You can also temporarily have us hold your shipments and still have access to the wine store.”

Each club is different, so contact yours for further instruction. If you can't reschedule or delay your wine club shipment, use the solutions from UPS or FedEx to specify your delivery date.

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