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Naked Wines Wine Club Review

NakedWines.com is not your traditional wine club, but can be a unique experience for those who love to choose boutique wines for themselves.

The idea comes originally from the UK, where over 100,000 “Angels” invest monthly in small wineries, and use their monthly investment to choose wine at 40-60% off. (The other option is to buy retail, but since we write about wine clubs, we're not going to get into this direction.)

Here in the US, the monthly investment is just $40, with no minimum commitment.

What's nice about wine clubs is the club chooses the wine for you.

What's bad about wine clubs is the club chooses the wine for you. :)

I say this is nice because it introduces you to new wines which you may never try. But I also say its bad because there may be a wine you really want, but isn't available in the club you've chosen (personally, I drink heavy reds in the winter months, but go for crisp white wines during the summer).

Naked Wines ReviewAs a NakedWines.com Angel, you choose the wines you'd like shipped to you. This can be daunting, but thankfully the NakedWines.com community rates wines, telling you what percent would buy a particular wine again, and rating the value for the money.

Again, when choosing wines, you'll see both the retail customer price, and the Angel price. Orders must be half- or full-case, but can be a mix of as many wines as you'd like. Orders over $100 ship for free; otherwise, shipping is just $9.99.

If you like supporting small businesses and like choosing your own wines, NakedWines.com is a unique experience that you'll enjoy being part of. And with our exclusive voucher, you'll get $100 added to your account when you signup as an Angel, turning your $100 investment into $140 for you to shop for wines at 40-60% off. Or, save $40 off $75, getting 6 bottles of wine for just $35.


7 Total Score

  • Unique wines
  • Support the winemaking industry
  • Free shipping on orders over $100 (otherwise, $9.99 shipping)
  • Must order half or full case at a time (mixed)
  • Difficult availability


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