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Limited Time! Get 2 Bonus Bottles of Wine

The California Wine Club Premier SeriesThe California Wine Club is running a limited time offer that is perfect for people who want to try a wine club without any long-term commitment. When you sign up for the Premier Series club, you will get 2 bonus bottles of wine in your first shipment (I'd say “free” but thanks to weird laws you can't offer wine for “free.”). There are no membership fees and no minimum shipment requirements.

You will not see this deal on their site unless you visit the Premier Series Bonus Bottle page and use code 2EXTRA.

The normal price of the club is $39.95 plus shipping and handling. That's for 2 bottles each month (all red, all white, or one of each). That means that in your first shipment with this special deal you will get 4 bottles, for an average of $9.99 a bottle.

On top of that, you get a certificate for $25 off a future purchase from their wine selections!

We've reviewed The California Wine Club several times and the Premier Series is always one of the favorites. You get all of the benefits of being a wine club member at a reasonable price. The wines come from artisinal wineries, and every shipment includes tasting notes to help you enjoy the wines more. Over the last few years I have ordered this club both for myself and for others as birthday and wedding gifts. Everyone has loved it!

To recap, with this special deal you get:

  • The Premier Series 2 bottle a month club
  • 2 bonus bottles of wine
  • a $25 wine certificate
  • tasting notes and pairing suggestions for the wines
  • the “Uncorked” newsletter
  • access to all of The California Wine Club's exclusive reorder deals

Note that this offer only applies to personal subscriptions, not gifts. If you want to give a gift, you can use our exclusive coupon code WCG14 for $25 off any gift subscription.

Learn more about The California Wine Club and take advantage of this limited time special offer.

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  1. I am a huge fan of this club. I have the Premier and find the whites to be exotic and nothing like I buy at the local stores. And this deal is huge.

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