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Forbes Wine Club Review

When you're looking to buy wine via a wine of the month club, your biggest hope or expectation is that you will like the wine.

Lucky for you, Forbes has partnered with TastingRoom's technology to give you Customized Wine Deliveries, by Selecting Wines Based on Your Tasting Preferences!

First: let's take a step back.

Forbes. You know the name. You've heard of the brand all your life. It's well known for its affluent demographic and the high quality lifestyle that is associated with its audience.

Well, they now offer a Wine of the Month Club under their brand, too. And, in typical ‘Forbes Style', it's top notch.

Forbes Brand, Forbes Style, Forbes Quality

To set their Wine Club apart, Forbes has wisely partnered with a cutting edge company known for its patented technology in the wine industry, called TastingRoom. This partnership gives Forbes the ability to do something that no other wine club in this category can do: Forbes sends you customized wine selections based on your own, personal taste preferences.

Traditionally, wine clubs often select a few different wines that their expert (or panel of experts) desire to include in the shipment for any given month. Most of the time, members are given a choice of ‘all red wine', ‘all white wine', or a ‘mixture of both red and white wine' within their shipment. And that's typically the extent of the ‘personalization' you're given in those wine clubs. (No disrespect to any club that does this; it's just a fact.)

However, with the Forbes Wine Club, their ‘personalization' of wine deliveries is quite personal. The process by which they determine your personal wine preferences and tastes is unique, too. (That's where the partnership with TastingRoom comes into play.)

Here's how it works:

First, you get a ‘Tasting Kit'. (That's the first step that shows how unique this club and their customization process is!) In this tasting kit, you'll find 6 mini bottles of wine (big enough for a nice-sized sample) and some very simple instructions for tasting and rating the wines.

Now, you sample the wines in the tasting kit. By following the instructions, you will have logged into your online account with Forbes Wine Club and will rate the wines. (No, you don't have to be a wine snob or a trained sommelier to rate these wines. On the contrary: You're simply asked which wine you like better (a) or (b). It's painless and fun!)

The result of this tasting kit rating? You've created your initial ‘Tasting Profile'. It's a really gorgeously-designed (and eerily accurate) document that displays your personal wine taste preferences ‘ it has totally ‘figured you out'! (If nothing else, buy a tasting kit to see what you like!)

There's another key result from this tasting kit rating. Your first case of wine is already customized to your taste preferences!

Around 30 days from the date of your wine tasting kit's arrival, you'll receive your first case of wine. (That means you want to complete your tasting profile quickly! If you don't get it done before they send the first case, that wine can't be customized to your tastes. The wine is still delicious and a great value, so you'd still be happy with the wine. But, why wouldn't you want every case of wine to be customized to your personal tastes? So, just get the tasting kit completed asap.)

This case of wine will be shockingly accurate to your tasting preferences. Every bottle in the case has been matched with your personalized tasting profile.

Great value. Easy on the wallet.

To help ease you into their club, Forbes offers new customers really great introductory discounts and promotions. (Tasting Kit costs only $9.95, shipping included. The first case of wine is half off and includes shipping), resulting in a price of only $7 per bottle for the first case! And, to keep you ordering every three months, Forbes keeps their prices really reasonable. (The normal price is really good. It's only $149 for a full case of wine, plus $19.95 flat-rate shipping. That's about $12.50 per bottle of award-winning wines that were selected just for you)

So, like the competitors in this space, you get convenient delivery of delicious wines at a discount off of retail prices. But, with Forbes, you only spend $9.95 upfront (which results in your really cool personalized Wine Profile) and you get their introductory price of $84.49 including shipping (half off) for the first case of customized wine.

It's a great deal.

Other Reasons why we love this club

100% Satisfaction, Guaranteed. You're going to love the wine. Period. If not, you let them know and they'll make it right.

Easy, no hassle cancellation. You don't have to jump through hoops or call at “just the right time”, or hear a busy signal when trying to call to cancel. You can simply email customer service or call their fully-staffed, professional phone operators and cancel at any time. It's simple.

Great Personalized Gift!

8 Total Score

  • Customized Wine Delivery!
  • Free Wine Profile
  • Great Value
  • $9.95 Tasting Kit
  • $7 a Bottle in first delivery!
  • Easy Cancellation Policy
  • Only Option is a Case Club
  • Shipping not included in price
  • Price is hidden on site (they *should* tell you, as it's a great price!)

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