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The California Wine Club Premier Giveaway

Updated: Congrats to our winner, Joseph. G.! Thanks to everyone who entered! Don't forget that if you order holiday gifts by this Friday you can save 15%. No billing or shipping until December.

What could be better than getting wine from The California Wine Club? How about getting it for free? One of our lucky readers is going to get a free 2-month wine club membership to The California Wine Club Premier Series! Read on to learn more about the club and how you can get entered.

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What's The California Wine Club?

When we first reviewed The California Wine Club Premier Series, we were impressed by the way that the wines were selected. The owners of the club personally visit boutique wineries throughout California to select wines from wineries you probably have never heard of. Then in addition to the great wines, you receive a full-color monthly newsletter, Uncorked, that will tell you all about the winery selected, the owners, and their business plus the wines themselves, how they should be served, and what to pair them with.

Each month's shipment will contain two bottles. Do you like red wine or white wine specifically? You can get 2 of whichever you prefer. My choice? One of each!

Want to learn more? Check out our full California Wine Club video review. And don't miss out on the chance this month (September) to save 15% when you order Christmas gifts early.

How Do I Enter To Win a Wine Club?

Now to the really good part—how can you enter to win the 2-month club mentioned above? There are actually multiple ways to enter. Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or all of the above, you can find different ways to get entered.

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  1. I love California wines!

  2. I prefer white win. If I were to win I would definitely share it with some dinner guests!

  3. i prefer white only because i’m fully stocked on reds right now! I’d drink some and host a wine and cheese party at my house

  4. We usually like white. We often have friends and family over and we’d serve the wine at those times. Thanks so much.

  5. I like white wine and would save it for our date nights

  6. RED and I would drink with family and friends served with a wonderful meal!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  7. I prefer white wine. If I won, I would serve it at a dinner party

  8. i prefer white

  9. I like white wine. I’d gift it out this holiday season to the host/ess that were kind enough to invite us over.

  10. I prefer white wines.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I hope there’s Riesling. 🙂

  12. I like white wine, and I’d have a small gathering with friends!

  13. I prefer white wines. And, of corse, I’d share them with my wife

  14. I prefer red wine; I’d host a small wine tasting party.

  15. I would like the red , please and would savor it on my patio in my backyard with friends !!

  16. I prefer white!

  17. I like red. I’d share it with my wife.

  18. I prefer white, preferably Sauvignon Blanc. I’d serve it with a seafood dinner.

  19. I prefer red wine. I would drink some with dinner and take some to my friend’s wine tasting.

  20. I prefer white and I would drink the wine with my husband.

  21. I prefer reds. We would drink some with our friends at their fire-pit.

  22. I love white wine and I would drink it with some friends 🙂

  23. Honestly, I love both red and white wines! Both for drinking and cooking!

  24. I prefer red and I would have a few friends over to enjoy it with me.

  25. I love both red and white, but probably prefer white. Reading your blog makes me want to stop after work for a bottle of wine!

  26. Thanks for the chance at some awesome wine.

  27. Red – and I’d drink it!

  28. white, drink it all!

  29. Since it’s almost fall, I’d choose the red. We’d drink it with dinner and on our back deck.

  30. I like white wine and would have with dinner

  31. Chardoney-drink it with friends 🙂

  32. I prefer white. I’d drink some and give some as gifts.

  33. I love red! I would share with friends!

  34. I’d prefer red!

  35. i prefer white would share with mom

  36. I prefer white and would share it with my hubby. Maybe have a dinner party too!

  37. usually prefer white, willing to try anything!
    would have a big party!

  38. My birthday is coming up, so it would be easily consumed by my party guests. I prefer red.

  39. I prefer white but hubby prefers red. I’d use it for a holiday party.

  40. I prefer white wine, just not Chardonnay!

  41. I prefer white and I would drink it!

  42. I prefer white. I would share it with family during a nice home cooked meal.

  43. I prefer red wine. I like to have a glass in the evening to relax after work.

  44. I prefer dry reds and sweet whites. If I won I would share the wine at a holiday party

  45. I like them equally. I would gift it to my daughter

  46. red- dinner party!

  47. I prefer red wine, and if I won, I would have a ncie dinner with some friends to try the wine! Thanks!

  48. I prefer red. I would drink some of the wine myself and bring a bottle to my neighbor’s next party.

  49. Red for me. I’d love to serve this during the Holidays.

  50. I prefer white wine and I would drink it with the homeless guys on my street if I win.

  51. I somewhat prefer red wines, though I enjoy both red & white. I would share it with my neighbor when she comes to visit.

  52. I prefer red… Im not into the tart or sour wines

  53. I love red wine and I would share it with a male friend. Thanks for having this contest.

  54. I like reds and I would serve it during the holidays.

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