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NPR Wine Club Review

NPR Fans: Rejoice & Drink Wine

If you're a fan of NPR and love good wine, then you may want to join the NPR Wine Club. Here's our NPR Wine Club Review!

The NPR Wine Club is a fun wine of the month club that provides regular deliveries of wine at a good price and good value. Some of the wines are NPR themed, and a portion of your spend supports National Public Radio and the programming you love.

NPR Wine Club Review
NPR Wine Club Review: Discover, Support, Enjoy! (Image from NPR's twitter)

LIke many other wine of the month clubs, the NPR wine club delivers carefully selected, high quality wines to your door. They allow customers to choose “all red”, “all white” or “a mix of both red and white wine”. Unlike other clubs that offer smaller quantity shipments, this club is simple and only offers “case” deliveries (12 bottles of wine per delivery), and they schedule these deliveries each quarter (every 3 months) – plus two “seasonal” additional deliveries within the year. This brings the 4 quarterly deliveries to 6 total deliveries per year.

NPR Wine Club Review
NPR Wine Club Review: NPR Wine Club offers great discounts and bonus wine on your first shipment of wine!
NPR Wine Club Review
NPR Wine Club Review: The NPR Wine Club offers some bottles with custom NPR Programming Labels

Their unique spin on their wine selections are that they're “inspired” by NPR programming — and some bottles are actually custom labeled for popular NPR shows such as the fun weekend game show “Wait, Wait – Don't Tell Me”, and others.

I don't know how much of your payments are shared with NPR; I don't think this is public information. However, I do know that this NPR wine club is partnering with the popular Laithwaites wine club, part of the Direct Wines business. My guess is that NPR gives Direct Wines license to use their branding and name, and in exchange NPR earns a royalty of some sort on all wine club purchases. (Sidenote: I find it amusing that some NPR newsletter members were offended by the announcement of the NPR wine club in their email boxes Apparently, these snowflakes felt it degraded the integrity of NPR news and considered it too commercial. Give me a break. I love NPR and I'll gladly endure an email announcing their NPR Wine Club over lengthy on-air membership drives!)

Wanna try the NPR Wine Club?

Frankly, it's a pretty good deal. Since the NPR wine club is powered by Direct Wines (See our Virgin Wine's Wine Club Review of their “Wine & Music Experience Wine Club for an example), you can expect they will have similar deals like those other Direct Wines offers, so you're going to get a good promotional discount and incentives on the first shipment. And, although subsequent deliveries will be at their “regular price”, it's still a good deal on good wines. So, check out their promotional offer and get a significant discount and extra bonus bottles of wine. They guarantee you'll enjoy their wine or they'll replace it or refund you, so you can't go wrong.

Each quarterly shipment comes at a predetermined time (and you're notified 10 days in advance of each shipment — giving you time to reschedule or skip any delivery) and the price is reasonable.

You'll pay $20 per delivery for shipping, too — which is a pretty good deal considering the weight and bulk of 12 to 15 fragile bottles of quality wine! However, like other Direct Wines clubs, you can join their “delivery club” for $80 a year and get free shipping. (As you can probably tell, this is a shipping prepayment discount.) . NOTE: Their “delivery club” is a good deal if you're going to get all 6 deliveries for the year. Just quick math here: At $20 per delivery, you break even after 4 deliveries, and the final 2 shipments are, effectively, free.

If you do order the NPR wine club, please let us know what you think! We love to learn more about your experiences with our NPR Wine Club Review!

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